2015 Fabriano Watercolor Paper Art Contest Winners

Congrats to Our Fabulous Watercolor Artists!

Fabulous Watercolor Artists

Last year we had a great turn out in our first Fabriano Watercolor Paper Art Contest and our second annual contest has been a huge hit! We got a ton of great entries in this year’s Fabriano Watercolor Paper Art Contest which can be seen here.

We saw a ton of clearly talented entries, you all voted and the winners were chosen. So lets give a hand to these amazing watercolor artists!

First Place

Fabriano Watercolor Paper


by Swagatika Sahoo

watercolor, 210mmx297mm

Prize: $100 eGift Card

Second Place


Pitcher Plants Waiting

by Alexis Lavine

Transparent Watercolor, 20″x10″

Prize: Mimik Kolinsky Synthetic Brush Set

Third Place


Old Fashioned Selfie

by Adam VanHouten

Watercolor, 15″x21″

Prize: Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper 10 Sheet Pack

Congrats to all of our entries on their amazing artwork. To keep up with all of our art contests, check out our Art Contest Page

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