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FW Inks

Daler-Rowney F.W. Acrylic Inks & Sets

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Why use F.W. Acrylic Inks?

FW Artist' inks are an acrylic based pigmented water resistant ink in a range of 38 colors, all of which have either a 3 or 4 star rating for permanence. Such a high degree of lightfastness over such a range of fully intermixable colors makes them ideal for use by artists in the production of pictures for permanent display. FW Artists' Inks work well through airbrushes and technical pens.

  • Balanced range of transparent & opaque colors including shimmering colors
  • Ideal for use in airbrushing, watercolor & mixed media techniques
  • Fully intermixable colors
  • Uniform price across the range
  • 1oz. - 44 colors / 6oz. – 15 colors

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JCubed says:

« Love these inks! I can obtain great effects on mixed media pieces. They are fun to work with! »

Daler-Rowney F.W. Acrylic Inks & Sets
FW. Inks Starting at:
$349 each 1 oz bottle
FW. Ink Sets Starting at:
$1899 set of 6 - 1 oz bottle
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Discover Daler-Rowney
Discover Daler-Rowney Brushes, Inks, and Georgian Oils

Having been part of the art supply business for over 225 years, Daler-Rowney has been with artists every step of the way making quality colors and materials since 1783. Started by brothers Richard and Thomas Rowney in London...

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