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Acrylic Painting Sets

Acrylic Painting Sets

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Acrylic Painting Sets

Acrylic paints got their start in the middle of the last century, and have taken the art world by storm! Acrylics are the perfect introduction to "real" paints for beginning artists, and have so many malleable attributes that in the hands of a professional painter they can behave like virtually any art medium out there. We've put together sets to help get started or to continue the journey into acrylics.

These lavish acrylic painting sets encompass everything from basics for beginners to the ultimate acrylic painting studio, and everything in between! No matter your skill level or experience, you are sure to find the perfect art painting set to get you started or expand your knowledge in acrylic paints right here. Many kits also include mediums, brushes, and even canvas or easels — everything you need to paint in acrylics, or the perfect gift for any acrylic paint enthusiast!