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Water Buckets

Dupre Water Bucket - This large bucket is similar to the ones used at the beach in size and made of the same easy to clean plastic. It includes two half size water basins for holding two huge water supplies, a handle with a wide variety of holes in it that rests on its side for holding brushes in their upright position and a deep well palette with 12 perimeter and four interior wells. Just fill with water, place lid over bucket and you’re ready to go no matter where you paint!

Jerry’s Water Bucket - Specially made for Jerry’s, this simple water bucket is designed to hold a lot of water and be easy to transport. Made out of a heavy duty PVC plastic, this bucket has a tight fitting lid, and a sturdy handle. Works in the studio or class room, but resilient enough to go out on any painting adventure you might encounter! Dimensions: 4½ inches tall by 5½ inches in diameter.

Aqua Tote™ - These nylon folding bags have been designed to fold flat and fully open to remain strong and durable. When filled with water they will not collapse and allow you to carry them easily—anywhere! Besides holding water, Aqua Totes feature six pockets to hold brushes and other tools. 

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