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Shop for Wyland Ecological Acrylics Mediums and Accessories

Wyland, host of the TV Series Wyland Art Studio, is one of the most prolific artists of our time. His programs illuminate the undersea world and the surrounding coasts. Dubbed by USA Today as a modern "Marine Michelangelo", Wyland teaches viewers how to paint the wonderous world of the sea and coastal areas.

Wyland's art is as big as it gets: murals painted on the sides of skyscrapers, sports arenas, zoos and even aquariums. Almost 100 of these towering marine murals around the world are viewed by an estimated one billion people each year. We are proud to offer this eco-friendly range of art material products used by Wyland on his programs and DVDs.

Wyland has selected a beautiful range of 14 artist acrylic colors to create his incredible Undersea Adventure paintings. Wyland colors are totally safe for you to use and totally are safe for the environment.
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