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Liquitex Acrylic Effects Mediums

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Liquitex Acrylic Effects Mediums
Liquitex Acrylic Effects Mediums
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Liquitex offers a variety of specialty products which have been specifically designed to achieve various techniques, applications and special effects.

  • Airbrush Medium - A pre-filtered ready to use medium that easily thins any acrylic, watercolor or gouache to the right consistency for spray application. 
  • Fabric Medium - This medium enhances the workability of Liquitiex Medium Viscosity Acrylics on fabric. It controls bleeding in transparent designs and gives a smooth consistent flow of paint.  
  • Flow Aid - A fluid additive that breaks water tension to improve flow, absorbency and blending of any water-based paint, ink or dye and minimizes brush stroke.
  • Iridescent Medium - Turns ordinary transparent colors into vibrant metallics. It dries translucent and will not oxidize. AP non-toxic.
  • LiquiThick Thickening Gel - An additive that is excellent for sculptural effects when a matte finish is desired. Gives the handling characteristic of oil or encaustic paint when added to water-based acrylic paint. 
  • Pouring Medium - Designed to reduce crazing in poured applications. This fluid medium dries clear, glossy and flexible.
  • Slow-Dri Fluid Retarder - A fluid additive that slows the drying time of acrylic paints and mediums by up to 40%. An absolutely essential additive if working in drier climates.
  • Slow-Dri Gel Retarder - This gel additive is ideal for working in low humidity or when needing more blending time.
  • String Gel - Self leveling gel with honey like consistency. Gently pouring yields long, constant flowing strings of gel. 

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Liquitex Acrylic Effects Mediums
Liquitex - spacerLiquitex Airbrush Medium8 oz Bottle75312$14.19$9.89$8.51IN STOCK
Liquitex - spacerLiquitex Fabric Medium4 oz Bottle75310$10.39$7.29$6.23OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/22/2015)
Liquitex - spacerLiquitex Flow Aid4 oz Bottle75309$10.39$7.29$6.23IN STOCK
Liquitex - spacerLiquitex Iridescent Medium8 oz Bottle75311$14.19$9.89$8.51IN STOCK
Liquitex - spacerLiquitex LiquiThick Thickening Gel8 oz Jar73780$14.69$10.29$8.81IN STOCK
Liquitex - spacerLiquitex Pouring Medium8 oz Bottle73785$15.19$10.59$9.11IN STOCK
spacerLiquitex Pouring Medium32 oz Bottle73786$38.09$26.69$22.85OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/23/2015)
spacerLiquitex Pouring Medium1 Gallon73787$99.79$69.89$59.87OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/23/2015)
Liquitex - spacerLiquitex Slow-Dri Fluid Retarder4 oz Bottle75308$10.39$7.29$6.23IN STOCK
spacerLiquitex Slow-Dri Gel Retarder8 oz Jar73790$14.69$10.29$8.81IN STOCK
Liquitex - spacerLiquitex String Gel8 oz Jar73793$15.29$10.69$9.17OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/31/2015)
spacerLiquitex String Gel16 oz Jar73794$23.99$16.79$14.39IN STOCK
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