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Robert P.Artist and Jerry's Shopper

I am 40 years old and reside in Galveston, Texas. Currently, I am attending school to become a licensed therapist through the University of Phoenix. I do have several hobbies that I enjoy, and art would be one of the leading hobbies I take delight in. I have always loved the arts and have considered myself an artist of sorts; however, recently I have really enjoyed working with acrylics. My pieces tend to be abstract in nature and come directly from my heart.

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Robert P. | Artist | Jerry's Shopper

"My name is Rob Price and I live in the Galveston, Texas area. I was diagnosed, a while back, with mental illness which really put a damper on my creative side. Recently, my fiance' picked me up some art supplies and encouraged me to start painting again, like I did when I was younger. I have taken his advice and I am so glad that I did. As every artist does, I look for quality art supplies at a reasonable price; which I have found at Jerry's. Thank you Jerry's for supplying the products I need to create my artwork and further provide a mental illness sufferer an outlet to be free."

-- Robert P.

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