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Derivan Liquid Pencil - Graphite for Drawing

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Liquid Pencil is available in permanent and rewettable formulas!
Liquid Pencil is available in permanent and rewettable formulas!
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Liquid Pencil is available in permanent and rewettable formulas!
The permanent formulation is similar to a standard acrylic.
Permanent Liquid Pencil comes in jars with black tops.
You can pour Liquid Pencil into a palette to make massive compositions!
The rewettable formulation allows you to remove areas using water similar to watercolor techniques where you will lift color.
Rewetttable Liquid Pencil comes in jars with white tops.
Liquid Pencil may be used with brushes, pen nibs and other tools!
Create distinctive graphite sketches with incredible depth!
Permanent Liquid Pencil may be burnished without smudging.
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An innovative liquid graphite medium for sketching and drawing!

Derivan Liquid Pencil is an exciting alternative to traditional pencils and graphite media! With a smooth, creamy consistency that can be thinned with water or acrylic mediums, it behaves like a paint — but the graphite undertone gives the same sheen and burnish as standard pencils! As it is fluid, you can pour it into a palette and thin it to varying values, then use a brush to cover wide areas quickly and easily. A range of 4 subtly shaded undertones as well as 2 neutral graphite shades provides you with an array of choices for technique and building depth, and you can use brushes, pen nibs, or other art tools to achieve any kind of mark you'd like!

Two different formulations, Permanent and Rewettable, make Derivan Liquid Pencil an even more versatile medium! The Permanent formula is similar to an acrylic and can be thinned with either water or acrylic medium, and can be used on paper, canvas, or gesso board alike. As it is permanent once dry, Permanent Liquid Pencil can be "burnished up" just like standard graphite — but without smudging! The Rewettable formula behaves much like a watercolor, and can be thinned extensively with water to create delicate washes, or lifted with water for interesting negative space effects. Dried sketches done in Rewettable Liquid Pencil can even be erased with a regular eraser!

Derivan Liquid Pencil is truly a revolutionary new way to create art, opening up a world of possibilities for expression! The sheen of graphite with the behavior of paint: an exciting combination you are sure to love!

  • 6 graphite-based shades: Red, Blue, Yellow, Sepia, Grey 3, and Grey 9
  • 2 formulations: Permanent and Rewettable
  • Cover large areas quickly and easily
  • May be used with brush, pen nib and other tools
  • Create distinctive graphite sketches with incredible depth!
  • Permanent Liquid Pencil may be "burnished" without smudging
  • Rewettable Liquid Pencil may be erased when dry
  • Perfect for all sketching and drawing on paper, board and more!

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Liquid Pencil
Derivan Liquid Pencil - Permanent Bluespacer50 ml BottlePermanent Blue79817$15.95$9.49$7.89IN STOCK
spacer50 ml BottleRewettable Blue79811$15.95$9.49$7.89IN STOCK
Derivan Liquid Pencil - Permanent Grey 3spacer50 ml BottlePermanent Grey 379813$15.95$9.49$7.89IN STOCK
spacer50 ml BottleRewettable Grey 379807$15.95$9.49$7.89IN STOCK
Derivan Liquid Pencil - Rewettable Grey 9spacer50 ml BottleRewettable Grey 979808$15.95$9.49$7.89IN STOCK
spacer50 ml BottlePermanent Grey 979814$15.95$9.49$7.89IN STOCK
Derivan Liquid Pencil - Permanent Redspacer50 ml BottlePermanent Red79816$15.95$9.49$7.89IN STOCK
spacer50 ml BottleRewettable Red79810$15.95$9.49$7.89IN STOCK
Derivan Liquid Pencil - Permanent Sepiaspacer50 ml BottlePermanent Sepia79815$15.95$9.49$7.89IN STOCK
spacer50 ml BottleRewettable Sepia79809$15.95$9.49$7.89IN STOCK
Derivan Liquid Pencil - Permanent Yellowspacer50 ml BottlePermanent Yellow79818$15.95$9.49$7.89IN STOCK
spacer50 ml BottleRewettable Yellow79812$15.95$9.49$7.89IN STOCK
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