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Claessens Oil Primed Linen Rolls

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Claessens oil primed linen rolls feature incredible craftsmanship with attention to detail!

Claessens line of linen rolls, currently spans out to 25 different types. Their linen rolls provide artists with optimal professional quality in materials, craftsmanship, elasticity and painting surfaces. For oil primed linen rolls, they apply a film of synthetic glue to the cloth. This protects it against the acids in oil paint and gives it a much longer life. The glue also makes the cloth smoother and stronger. Next, Claessens applies a second layer of glue, drying the cloth in a dry-air oven after each layer. For a Claessens oil primed linen roll, zinc white is used as the primer, bound with linseed oil. After that the canvas is put into a drying room for three days where it air-dries naturally. After that, they sand the canvas again and apply a coating layer based on titanium white. The canvas then has to go back into the drying room for a further ten days.

Claessens linen rolls carry a unique reference number system. Oil primed linen rolls are identifiable by their reference number's absence of a prefix number (e.g. 13, 20 or 66). Claessens oil primed linen rolls allow for 0% absorbency and are only suitable for oil paints.

Fine Texture
Medium Texture
Rough Texture

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