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Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Brushes

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Student to professional range.
Student to professional range.
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Student to professional range.
Cotman Watercolor Brushes
A unique blend of fibers.
Series 666 One Strokes
One Strokes
Series 777 Aquarelles
Wash Brushes
Wash Brushes
Series 111 Rounds
Series 222 Designer\'s Rounds
Designer's Rounds
Series 333 Riggers
Series 667 Angles
Series 668 Filberts
Series 888 Fans
Series 999 Mops
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These golden synthetic hair brushes are among the most advanced produced anywhere in the world today. By blending varying thicknesses of hair, Winsor & Newton has achieved the three most important qualities sought after by the artist. The thicker fibers contribute strength and spring while the thinner fibers improve color holding capcity—together they retain a perfect point for rounds and a perfect edge for flats. All brushes with nickel plated seamless ferrules attached to metallic blue wooden handles.

Series 111 Rounds - These brushes have large bellies to produce both wash and fine line stokes.

Series 222 Designer's Rounds - These brushes are great for linear work because of their extra long hairs.

Series 333 Riggers - These long thin round brushes are great for very detailed linear work, such as grass and telephone wires.

Series 666 One Stroke - The long hair in these brushes makes it easy to produce crisp edges for washes and straight strokes.

Series 667 Angles - The angle on this series of brushes is great for flowers, leaves, small corners and sweeping wash strokes.

Series 668 Filberts - These sophisticated brushes combine the control of a One Stroke with the softer edge of a round.

Series 777 Aquarelle - These brushes come equipped with a clear lucite handle for burnishing and scraping.

Series 888 Fans - These fan brushes are popular for dry brush techniques like stippling, feathering grass, or hair effects.

Series 999 Mops - These dome-shaped large brushes are great for expressive strokes and washes.

Wash Brushes - These large brushes are great for background washes and large patches of color.

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Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Brushes
Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Brush - spacerSeries 111 Round000065749$6.19$2.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 111 Round00065750$6.19$2.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 111 Round0053640$6.79$3.39IN STOCK
spacerSeries 111 Round053641$7.09$3.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 111 Round153642$7.29$3.69IN STOCK
spacerSeries 111 Round253643$7.79$3.89IN STOCK
spacerSeries 111 Round353644$8.19$3.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 111 Round453645$8.29$4.19IN STOCK
spacerSeries 111 Round565751$9.19$4.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 111 Round653646$11.19$5.59OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/05/2016)
spacerSeries 111 Round765752$11.79$5.89IN STOCK
spacerSeries 111 Round853647$14.29$7.19IN STOCK
spacerSeries 111 Round1053648$17.59$8.79IN STOCK
spacerSeries 111 Round1253649$23.59$11.79IN STOCK
spacerSeries 111 Round1453650$33.09$16.59IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Brush - spacerSeries 222 Designer's Round053651$6.79$3.39OUT OF STOCK
(till 02/12/2016)
spacerSeries 222 Designer's Round153652$7.29$3.69OUT OF STOCK
(till 02/12/2016)
spacerSeries 222 Designer's Round253653$7.49$3.79IN STOCK
spacerSeries 222 Designer's Round353654$7.79$3.89OUT OF STOCK
(till 02/12/2016)
spacerSeries 222 Designer's Round453655$8.29$4.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 02/12/2016)
spacerSeries 222 Designer's Round653656$9.69$4.89IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Brush - spacerSeries 333 Rigger065753$6.89$3.49IN STOCK
spacerSeries 333 Rigger165754$7.29$3.69OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/05/2016)
spacerSeries 333 Rigger265755$7.79$3.89IN STOCK
spacerSeries 333 Rigger365756$8.29$4.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/05/2016)
Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Brush - spacerSeries 666 One Stroke1/8"53657$10.89$5.49IN STOCK
spacerSeries 666 One Stroke1/4"53658$13.49$6.79IN STOCK
spacerSeries 666 One Stroke3/8"53659$15.39$7.69IN STOCK
spacerSeries 666 One Stroke1/2''53660$19.99$9.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 666 One Stroke3/4"53661$28.89$14.49IN STOCK
spacerSeries 666 One Stroke1"53662$36.29$18.19IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Brush - spacerSeries 667 Angular1/8"65757$10.39$5.19IN STOCK
spacerSeries 667 Angular1/4"65758$12.99$6.49OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/05/2016)
spacerSeries 667 Angular1/2"65760$18.99$9.49IN STOCK
spacerSeries 667 Angular3/8"65759$14.59$7.29IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Brush - spacerSeries 668 Filbert1/8"65761$8.89$4.49OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/05/2016)
spacerSeries 668 Filbert1/4"65762$9.19$4.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 668 Filbert3/8"65763$10.69$5.39IN STOCK
spacerSeries 668 Filbert1/2"65764$14.09$6.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 668 Filbert3/4"65765$18.59$9.29IN STOCK
spacerSeries 668 Filbert1"65766$22.49$11.29IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Brush - spacerSeries 777 Aquarelle1/2"53663$19.69$9.89IN STOCK
spacerSeries 777 Aquarelle3/4"53664$28.89$14.49IN STOCK
spacerSeries 777 Aquarelle1"53665$39.69$19.89IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Brush - spacerSeries 888 Fan265767$10.69$5.39IN STOCK
spacerSeries 888 Fan465768$11.79$5.89IN STOCK
spacerSeries 888 Fan665769$14.39$7.19IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Brush - spacerSeries 999 Mop5/8"65770$16.59$8.29IN STOCK
spacerSeries 999 Mop3/4"65771$20.69$10.39IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor - spacerWash Brush1"53666$47.59$23.79IN STOCK
spacerWash Brush2"53667$66.29$33.19IN STOCK
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