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Lascaux Aquacryl Hybrid Acrylics

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A medium that provides the best of both worlds!
A medium that provides the best of both worlds!
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Finally a medium that allows watercolor artists to expand their techniques and that gives acrylic artists more freedom! These colors are extremely intense and 100% lightfast. All colors are completely transparent and produce strong, rich colors that handle like a very smooth, fluid acrylic. Dilute these colors and they deliver broad washes and glazes that are clearer than some of the finest traditional watercolors. 

If you paint in thin layers, the paint film is almost completely water-resistant when dry, allowing you to overglaze without dissolving. Applied in thick layers, the paint although dry can be lifted easily with water and reworked. Yes, your palette stays usable between painting sessions!

  • Totally transparent 
  • Thin layers may be overglazed 
  • Thick layers may be reworked
  • Use on paper, board, ClayBoard™ or unprimed cotton


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Lascaux Aquacryl Hybrid Acrylics
Lascaux Aquacryl - Anthracite BlackspacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleAnthracite Black51734$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Azure BluespacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleAzure Blue51735$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Lascaux GreenspacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleLascaux Green51736$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Lascaux VioletspacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleLascaux Violet51737$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Lascaux YellowspacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleLascaux Yellow51738$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Lascaux Yellow GreenspacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleLascaux Yellow Green51739$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Lemon YellowspacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleLemon Yellow51740$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Permanent BlackspacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottlePermanent Black51741$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Permanent BluespacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottlePermanent Blue51742$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Permanent CarminespacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottlePermanent Carmine51743$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Permanent MagentaspacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottlePermanent Magenta51744$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Permanent OrangespacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottlePermanent Orange51745$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Permanent PurplespacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottlePermanent Purple51746$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Permanent RedspacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottlePermanent Red51747$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Permanent YellowspacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottlePermanent Yellow51748$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Titanium WhitespacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleTitanium White51749$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Transoxide MaroonspacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleTransoxide Maroon51750$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Transoxide OlivespacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleTransoxide Olive51751$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Transoxide OrangespacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleTransoxide Orange51752$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Transoxide RedspacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleTransoxide Red51753$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Transoxide SepiaspacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleTransoxide Sepia51754$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Transoxide YellowspacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleTransoxide Yellow51755$36.20$25.34$21.72OUT OF STOCK
(till 10/15/2014)
Lascaux Aquacryl - Transparent WhitespacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleTransparent White51756$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Turquoise BluespacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleTurquoise Blue51757$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
Lascaux Aquacryl - Ultramarine BluespacerLascaux Aquacryl85 ml BottleUltramarine Blue51758$36.20$25.34$21.72IN STOCK
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