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Conté Crayons and Pencils

Conté à Paris is a company whose history cannot be separated from that of its founder. Nicolas Jacques Conté was born in 1775, and during his life he was a regarded painter, chemist, physicist, inventor and hot air balloonist. In 1794, Nicolas Jacques Conté developed the first modern pencil lead from a concoction of graphite and clay, making it possible to create pencils with varying degrees of hardness for the first time. One year later he established a pencil factory in France, allowing the country to produce its own materials for calligraphy and fine art drawing. He continued to perfect his products, concentrating on making his colors “fixed and unchangeable”, this establishing true “artist” grade materials. Conté has truly earned its place in the annals of art history, with its extensive lines of products that are great for professionals and amateurs alike.

  • Charcoal and Charcoal Holders

  • Pastel Pencils

  • Pencils, Leads and Powders


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