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Drawing Supplies

Derwent Sketching Pencils

Derwent Sketching Pencils

Ideal for freestyle sketches and bold line drawings.
The soft, wide graphite core sweeps smoothly across the paper for a fast, even lay down of tone but is equally suitable for more detailed work.

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Drafting Supplies

Featured Item - Inkining Triangles

Inking Triangles

Non yellowing, durable clear acrylic for long life and smooth pencil action. Edges are machined and polished to micro tolerances from precision stock. Clear scholastic grade.

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Pens and Markers

Copic MarkersCOPIC Markers

Perfect for manga artists. The Sketch Super Brush nib acts like a paint brush both in feel and color application. For more control, use the Medium Broad nib on the opposite end of the marker, or replace a tip with the Medium Round nib for writing.

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Bombay Ink

Dr. Ph Martin's Bombay Inks

  • Lightfast, permanent, waterproof
  • Non-clogging and non-toxic
  • Adheres to almost all surfaces
  • Transparent except Black and White

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Featured Item: Canson Fanboy Papers

Canson Fanboy Papers

Canson's Fanboy™ papers, offered in industry standard sizes for comic strips, comic books, and manga, are designed to appeal to both novices and established illustrators. All papers are acid-free, and are specially formulated for use with pens, pencils and markers.

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Studio Furniture

Martin MXZ Drawing Table
Martin MXZ Drawing Table

This table is a replica of a famous Italian table imported by Martin many years ago. The pencil trough up front holds a huge amount of supplies and the side tray insures that everything is in arm's reach.

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Featured Item: efrontier Anime Studio SoftwareAnime Studio 5

Anime Studio is the ideal solution for first time animators. Draw original art, import digital pictures, dub and add subtitles to your existing videos! Anime Studio Pro is perfect for professionals looking to create quality animations. With an intuitive interface and pre-rigged characters. Both are Mac/Win Hybrids.

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Featured Artist

Steve Ellis photoSteve Ellis

A graduate of Syracuse University's School of Art, award-winning artist Steve Ellis began his career as a penciller for both Marvel and DC Comics, where he illustrated iconic titles such as Iron Man, Green Lantern...Read full interview with Steve Ellis

See Some of Steve Ellis's Work:
HM2 Promo Elricin Desert Deadman Final 131234 Final

Announcements, Tips and Ideas

Tips and Ideas


Do not include pinups when you're showing your portfolio to an editor. There are very few jobs in comics that require you to do a pinup, so it is waste of the editors time. You should only show pages, and preferably consecutive story pages. Most editors are looking for people who can do interior story pages, so show them you are willing and ready to do exactly that. I would not even include cover illustrations in a portfolio. Once you get a job doing the interiors it is much easier to get the job doing covers.



Every young artist is impatient. It doesn't matter the discipline or the tools, every young artist wishes to blossom fully formed, with their style established and their stamp on the world having the largest, maximum impact it could have. The problem we forget at that stage is that, art and the study of art is a life long journey. I'm always looking for advice and critiques on my work to see if there is something missing. Seek out the advice of others occasionally, to get a fresh pair of eyes and a different perspective on your work. I know, it's hard not to want to explain what you're trying to achieve, but as an editor once told me: if you have to defend it, you didn't do it right. So in the end, the key to art, as in life, is patience.


TOM FLEMING Fantasy Artist

Occasionally I use frisket film when airbrushing. Most film is higher tack than I would like, even the "low tack" advertised stuff. To remedy this problem, I cut the size of film that I need and press it against my shirt. Lint will stick to the film decreasing the adhesive, but not enough to lose the tack, and then I don't have to worry about the film pulling up paint or fibers of my watercolor paper.



The core of colored pencils can shatter when treated carelessly. When storing colored pencils upright, use cotton or wadded tissue to cushion the bottom of the container to protect the pencils from any unnecessary stress of impact when you place them back into storage. Place the sharpened tips upright with the flat ends into the cotton.



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