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QoR Watercolors

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11 ml Tube
11 ml Tube
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11 ml Tube
GOLDEN QoR Watercolors
More color strength than traditional watercolors
Higher pigment density!
Colors effortlessly blend together
Save up to $7.44 off List

Watercolors with color strength, range and versatility unmatched in the history of watercolors- Exclusive binder Aquazol

Golden Artist Colors has the privilege and delight of collaborating with artists to make the highest quality professional Acrylic and Oil colors. Today that same collaborative process has produced a new, thoroughly modern Watercolor called QoR. QoR’s (pronounced 'core') exclusive Aquazol® binder provides more pigment in every brushstroke, while retaining the best qualities of traditional watercolors. QoR offers a strength, range and versatility unmatched in the history of watercolors. The unique formulation accentuates the luminosity and brilliance of each pigment even after drying, while providing the subtlety, transparency and flow of a great watercolor.

Key Features:

  • More color strength than traditional watercolors
  • Features the exclusive Aquazol® binder
  • Vibrant, intense colors that stay brilliant even after they dry
  • Higher pigment density
  • Incredibly smooth transitions
  • Excellent glazing qualities
  • Highly versatile
  • Will not crack
  • Colors effortlessly blend together
  • Affordable price point per ml of watercolor
  • More density of color than traditional watercolors
Perfect For:

  • Watercolorists of all skill levels
  • An incredible flow of color
  • Artists, students, teachers
  • Use with QoR watercolor mediums and grounds
  • Use in a studio, classroom or plein air
  • Painting large works of art
  • Easy clean up
  • Discerning artists
  • Watercolorists on a budget
  • Practice or final works of art
  • Artists seeking a better quality watercolor

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QoR Watercolor - Ardoise GreyspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeArdoise GreyV16496$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Aureolin ModernspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeAureolin ModernV16497$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Bismuth Vanadate YellowspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeBismuth Vanadate YellowV16498$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Bohemian Green EarthspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeBohemian Green EarthV16499$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Burnt Sienna NaturalspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeBurnt Sienna NaturalV16500$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Burnt Umber NaturalspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeBurnt Umber NaturalV16501$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Cadmium OrangespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCadmium OrangeV16509$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Cadmium Red DeepspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCadmium Red DeepV16502$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Cadmium Red LightspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCadmium Red LightV16503$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Cadmium Red MediumspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCadmium Red MediumV16504$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Cadmium Yellow DeepspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCadmium Yellow DeepV16506$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Cadmium Yellow LightspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCadmium Yellow LightV16507$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Cadmium Yellow MediumspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCadmium Yellow MediumV16508$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Cadmium Yellow PrimrosespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCadmium Yellow PrimroseV16505$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Carbon BlackspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCarbon BlackV16510$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Cerulean Blue CromiumspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCerulean Blue CromiumV16511$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Chinese WhitespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeChinese WhiteV16512$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Chromium Oxide GreenspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeChromium Oxide GreenV16513$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Cobalt BluespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCobalt BlueV16514$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Cobalt GreenspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCobalt GreenV16515$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Cobalt TealspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCobalt TealV16516$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Cobalt TurquoisespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCobalt TurquoiseV16517$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Cobalt VioletspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeCobalt VioletV16518$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Diarylide YellowspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeDiarylide YellowV16519$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Dioxazine PurplespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeDioxazine PurpleV16520$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - French Cerulean BluespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeFrench Cerulean BlueV16521$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - French Ultramarine BluespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeFrench Ultramarine BlueV16522$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Green GoldspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeGreen GoldV16523$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Hansa Yellow LightspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeHansa Yellow LightV16524$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Hansa Yellow MediumspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeHansa Yellow MediumV16525$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Hookers GreenspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeHookers GreenV16526$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Indanthrone BluespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeIndanthrone BlueV16527$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Indian YellowspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeIndian YellowV16528$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - IndigospacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeIndigoV16529$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Iridescent Gold FinespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeIridescent Gold FineV16530$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Iridescent Pearl FinespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeIridescent Pearl FineV16531$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Iridescent Silver FinespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeIridescent Silver FineV16532$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Ivory BlackspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeIvory BlackV16533$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Manganese BluespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeManganese BlueV16534$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Mars Orange DeepspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeMars Orange DeepV16535$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Naples YellowspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeNaples YellowV16536$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Neutral TintspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeNeutral TintV16537$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Nickel Azo YellowspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeNickel Azo YellowV16538$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Nickel YellowspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeNickel YellowV16539$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Olive GreenspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeOlive GreenV16540$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Paynes GrayspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubePaynes GrayV16541$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Permanent Alizarin CrimsonspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubePermanent Alizarin CrimsonV16542$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Permanent GambogespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubePermanent GambogeV16543$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Permanent Green LightspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubePermanent Green LightV16544$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Permanent ScarletspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubePermanent ScarletV16545$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)spacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubePhthalo Blue (Green Shade)V16546$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Phthalo Green (Blue Shade)spacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubePhthalo Green (Blue Shade)V16547$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Phthalo TurquoisespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubePhthalo TurquoiseV16548$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Prussian BluespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubePrussian BlueV16549$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Pyrrole Red DeepspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubePyrrole Red DeepV16550$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Pyrrole Red LightspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubePyrrole Red LightV16551$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Pyrrole Red MediumspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubePyrrole Red MediumV16552$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Quinacridone Burnt OrangespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeQuinacridone Burnt OrangeV16553$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Quinacridone CrimsonspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeQuinacridone CrimsonV16554$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Quinacridone GoldspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeQuinacridone GoldV16555$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Quinacridone Gold DeepspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeQuinacridone Gold DeepV16556$24.79$17.35IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Quinacridone MagentaspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeQuinacridone MagentaV16557$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Quinacridone RedspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeQuinacridone RedV16558$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Quinacridone Red LightspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeQuinacridone Red LightV16559$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Quinacridone VioletspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeQuinacridone VioletV16560$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Raw Sienna NaturalspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeRaw Sienna NaturalV16561$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Raw Umber NaturalspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeRaw Umber NaturalV16562$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Sap GreenspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeSap GreenV16563$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - SepiaspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeSepiaV16564$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Terre VertespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeTerre VerteV16565$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Titan BuffspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeTitan BuffV16566$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Titanium WhitespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeTitanium WhiteV16567$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Transparent Brown OxidespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeTransparent Brown OxideV16568$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Transparent Pyrrole OrangespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeTransparent Pyrrole OrangeV16569$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Transparent Red OxidespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeTransparent Red OxideV16570$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Transparent Yellow OxidespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeTransparent Yellow OxideV16571$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Ultramarine BluespacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeUltramarine BlueV16572$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Ultramarine PinkspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeUltramarine PinkV16573$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Ultramarine VioletspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeUltramarine VioletV16574$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Van Dyke BrownspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeVan Dyke BrownV16575$17.69$12.38IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Venetian RedspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeVenetian RedV16576$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
QoR Watercolor - Viridian GreenspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeViridian GreenV16577$19.19$13.43IN STOCK
Prop 65.
QoR Watercolor - Yellow Ochre NaturalspacerQoR Watercolor11ml TubeYellow Ochre NaturalV16578$15.79$11.05IN STOCK
Prop 65.
83 items in this category.

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