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Ampersand Claybord 2" Deep Cradle

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1/8 Flat, 3/4 Cradle Or 2 Deep Cradle
1/8" Flat, 3/4" Cradle Or 2" Deep Cradle
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1/8 Flat, 3/4 Cradle Or 2 Deep Cradle
1/8" 3/4" & 2"
Velvet Smooth Surface Allows For Beautiful Effects
Velvet Smooth
Multi-Media Surface
The 3 largest sizes have cross braces.
Cross Braces
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(Sale Ends 10/26/2014)
For maximum support and frame all in one!

claybord™— The Ultimate Multi-Media Panel
This ultra-smooth kaolin clay ground has a velvety-smooth finish that is very absorbent. Made with Ampersand's own True Artist Hardbord™ substrate and Archiva-seal™, Claybord™ is perfect for inks, gouache, egg tempera, acrylics, airbrush, encaustics, collage, photo transfers, pencil, casein and for mounting papers, prints and fabrics. Thinly apply paints or inks, then remove, reapply, and even scratch through them to add contrast and texture. 2" DEEP Cradle panel offers maximum support and frame all in one. Made by Ampersand, USA.

  • Ultra-Smooth Clay Surface - Archival and acid-free, Ampersand's patented kaolin clay ground is applied to a non-warping premium hardboard and then sanded to a velvet-smooth finish that is very absorbent. 
  • A Highly Responsive Surface - Thinly apply paint or ink, remove it, reapply it, even scratch through it to add contrast, texture and fine details. Paint colors remain true and brilliant on this surface.
  • A True Multi-Media Panel - Perfect for inks, gouache, egg tempera, acrylics, airbrush, encaustics, collage, photo-transfers, pencil, casein, and for mounting papers, prints and fabrics.
  • Frame without Glass - Artwork on Claybord™ can be sealed or varnished and framed without glass.
  • Artist & Environment Friendly -  Ampersand Claybord™ is made from sustainable forest products that ensure the protection of wildlife, plants, soil and water. Formaldehyde-free; no harmful volatile organic compounds.

3 All New Larger Sizes with Cross Braces (Sold in Boxes of 2):
  • 30x40"  with 1 Cross Brace
  • 36x36" with 2 Cross Braces
  • 36x48" with 2 Cross Braces

Eco Friendly Products!

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2" Deep Cradle5x5"63914$19.84$14.88$10.91IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle6x6"63915$20.89$15.67$11.48IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle6x8"62968$24.14$18.11$13.28IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle6x12"74961$26.56$19.92$14.60IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle6x18"74962$34.64$25.98$19.04IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle6x24"70010$42.31$31.73$23.25IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle8x8"63916$26.14$19.61$14.36IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle8x10"62969$30.97$23.23$16.99IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle8x16"74963$35.38$26.54$19.44IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle8x24"74964$42.52$31.89$23.37IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle9x12"74965$33.07$24.80$18.18IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle10x10"70011$33.07$24.80$18.18IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle10x20"74966$42.31$31.73$23.25IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle10x30"74967$50.29$37.72$27.64IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle11x14"62970$39.16$29.37$21.52IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle12x12"62971$38.32$28.74$21.06IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle12x16"74968$40.94$30.71$22.52IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle12x24"74969$48.61$36.46$26.72IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle12x36"70012$64.78$48.59$35.61IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle16x16"70013$43.99$32.99$24.19IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle16x20"62972$51.76$38.82$28.45IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle18x24"74970$59.11$44.33$32.49IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle24x24"62973$68.29$51.22$37.54OUT OF STOCK
(till 11/19/2014)
2" Deep Cradle24x30"74971$71.29$53.47$39.19IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle24x36"70014$76.99$57.74$42.34IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle30x30"70015$82.99$62.24$45.64IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle (Box of 2)30x40"V01069A$258.98$194.24$142.44IN STOCK
Min 2 required.
2" Deep Cradle (Box of 2)36x36"V01068A$317.98$238.49$174.99IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle (Box of 2)36x48"V01070A$365.98$274.49$201.99IN STOCK
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