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Mimik High Performance Synthetic Squirrel Hair Watercolor Brushes

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Mimik Synthetic Watercolor Brushes
Mimik Synthetic Watercolor Brushes
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Mimik Synthetic Watercolor Brushes
Mimik Brushes
Mimik Synthetic Watercolor Brushes
Mimik Brushes
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Washmate Brushes
Mimik Synthetic Watercolor Brushes - Set of 8
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Animal-friendly, synthetic hair brushes with amazing color capacity and brush response!


Finding high quality synthetic brushes has long been a challenge for watercolor painters or vegan artists. Now Creative Mark has partnered with a leading synthetic hair manufacturer to craft an animal-friendly brush with all the benefits of natural hair, and none of the drawbacks! New Mimik brushes feature a revolutionary synthetic hair that accurately mimics a blend of natural squirrel and Kolinsky sable hair, but without harming any animals. This innovative synthetic blend imitates squirrel hair in its ability to hold copious amounts of color for large washes and color lay down, but also features the superb control, response and sharp edge so loved in Kolinsky sable brushes. With short, blue-grey stained wooden handles and matte nickel-plated brass ferrules, Mimik brushes are available in Round, Rigger, Filbert, Flat Wash and Wash Mate shapes, as well as a convenient value pack. Finally, a watercolor brush with the color capacity of squirrel, the fine point of sable, and the satisfaction of knowing that no animal was endangered in the making of the brush!

Key Features:

  • Innovative synthetic hair blend mimics squirrel & Kolinsky sable
  • Short blue-grey wooden handles
  • Nickel-plated brass ferrules
  • Wide array of popular shapes & sizes
Perfect For:

  • Use with watercolors, gouache, acrylics & more
  • Superb brush response & control
  • Vegan and animal-friendly artists
  • High color load & large washes
  • Sharp-edged detail and fine points

Innovative synthetic hair blend mimics squirrel and kolinsky sable.

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Mimik High Performance Brushes
Mimik Synthetic Squirrel Watercolor Brush - spacerFilbert1/2"87250$14.75$7.39$2.96IN STOCK
spacerFilbert3/4"87251$22.50$11.39$4.56IN STOCK
spacerFilbert1"87252$28.25$14.19$5.68IN STOCK
Mimik Synthetic Squirrel Watercolor Brush - spacerFlat1/4"87243$7.95$3.99$1.60IN STOCK
spacerFlat1/2"87244$14.75$7.39$2.96IN STOCK
spacerFlat3/4"87245$22.50$11.39$4.56IN STOCK
spacerFlat1"87246$28.25$14.19$5.68IN STOCK
Mimik Synthetic Squirrel Watercolor Brush - spacerRigger187253$5.75$2.89$1.16IN STOCK
spacerRigger287254$6.75$3.39$1.36IN STOCK
spacerRigger387255$7.50$3.75$1.50IN STOCK
spacerRigger687256$9.00$4.49$1.80IN STOCK
Mimik Synthetic Squirrel Watercolor Brush - spacerRound287234$7.95$3.99$1.60IN STOCK
spacerRound487235$9.00$4.49$1.80IN STOCK
spacerRound687236$10.25$5.19$2.08IN STOCK
spacerRound887237$14.75$7.39$2.96IN STOCK
spacerRound1087238$15.75$7.99$3.20IN STOCK
spacerRound1287239$18.00$9.19$3.68IN STOCK
spacerRound1487240$22.50$11.39$4.56IN STOCK
spacerRound2687241$28.25$14.19$5.68IN STOCK
spacerRound3087242$39.50$19.89$7.96IN STOCK
Mimik Synthetic Squirrel Watercolor Brush - spacerWashmate Brush1-1/2"87247$28.25$14.19$5.68IN STOCK
spacerWashmate Brush2"87248$45.25$22.69$9.08IN STOCK
spacerWashmate Brush3"87249$56.50$28.39$11.36IN STOCK
Mimik Synthetic Squirrel Watercolor Brushes - spacerValue Set of 887257$99.95$49.99$19.99IN STOCK
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