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Isabey Isacryl Acrylic Brushes

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Made from a special blend of 3 diameters of Taklon hair.
Made from a special blend of 3 diameters of Taklon hair.
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Made from a special blend of 3 diameters of Taklon hair.
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Made from a special blend of 3 diameters of Taklon hair with both inward curved hair and straight hair to create interlocked brushes for superior control. Brushes to hold color well, have a firm feel and are capable of moving paint well but with soft, thin hair for minimal brush stroke. Each with seamless nickel ferrules attached to long golden colored handles. Imported from France.

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Isabey Isacryl Acrylic Brushes
Isabey Isacryl - spacerSeries 6512 Round051529$18.65$9.33IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6512 Round251530$22.80$11.40IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6512 Round451531$26.60$13.30IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6512 Round651532$35.30$17.65IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6512 Round851533$46.20$23.10OUT OF STOCK
(till 01/17/2015)
spacerSeries 6512 Round1051534$56.90$28.45IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6512 Round1251535$72.05$36.03IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6512 Round1451536$75.20$37.60IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6512 Round1651537$89.40$44.70IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6512 Round1851538$110.20$55.10IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6512 Round2051539$128.90$64.45IN STOCK
Isabey Isacryl - spacerSeries 6562 Bright051540$18.65$9.33IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6562 Bright251541$20.60$10.30IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6562 Bright451542$23.85$11.93IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6562 Bright651543$31.50$15.75OUT OF STOCK
(till 01/17/2015)
spacerSeries 6562 Bright851544$42.00$21.00IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6562 Bright1051545$56.90$28.45OUT OF STOCK
(till 01/17/2015)
spacerSeries 6562 Bright1251546$65.40$32.70IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6562 Bright1451547$77.05$38.53IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6562 Bright1651548$86.95$43.48OUT OF STOCK
(till 01/17/2015)
spacerSeries 6562 Bright1851549$117.30$58.65IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6562 Bright2051550$140.50$70.25IN STOCK
Isabey Isacryl - spacerSeries 6572 Filbert051561$20.60$10.30IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6572 Filbert251562$28.70$14.35IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6572 Filbert451563$35.05$17.53IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6572 Filbert651564$40.05$20.03IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6572 Filbert851565$51.90$25.95OUT OF STOCK
(till 01/17/2015)
spacerSeries 6572 Filbert1051566$59.50$29.75OUT OF STOCK
(till 01/17/2015)
spacerSeries 6572 Filbert1251567$75.20$37.60IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6572 Filbert1451568$89.95$44.98IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6572 Filbert1651569$111.20$55.60IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6572 Filbert1851570$158.30$79.15IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6572 Filbert2051571$176.70$88.35IN STOCK
Isabey Isacryl - spacerSeries 6582 Flat0081325$18.30$9.15IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6582 Flat081326$19.70$9.85IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6582 Flat281327$24.45$12.23IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6582 Flat481328$28.90$14.45IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6582 Flat681329$36.35$18.18IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6582 Flat881330$45.65$22.83IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6582 Flat1081331$60.95$30.48IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6582 Flat1281332$70.50$35.25IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6582 Flat1481333$87.30$43.65IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6582 Flat1681334$98.50$49.25IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6582 Flat1881335$137.70$68.85IN STOCK
spacerSeries 6582 Flat2081336$156.95$78.48IN STOCK
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