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Matisse Acrylic Mediums

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Matisse Acrylic Mediums
Matisse Acrylic Mediums
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Matisse Acrylic Mediums
Matisse Medium 250 ml jar
250 ml Jar
Matisse Medium 1 litre
1 Litre Pail
Matisse Medium 4 litre
4 Litre Pail
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Open a world of painting possibilities with Matisse Acrylic Mediums!

Virtually any acrylic effect, artistic or decorative, is now achievable with this versatile line of Matisse Acrylic Mediums! Whether you're looking to change the drying time of your acrylic paints, to enhance the sheen, paint in thick impasto layers or crack right through them, Matisse has got a medium designed to do it. Jump right in and experience the beauty of the premier line of acrylic paints and mediums from the Land Down Under!

  • Acrylic Painting Medium - Increases fluidity without damaging bond.
  • Clear Sealer - Transparent sealant for porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • Cracking Medium - For weathered, antique effects.
  • Drying Retarder - Increases working time of acrylic paints.
  • Fabric Fixative - Turns acrylics into fabric paints.
  • Gel Medium - Heavy-body gloss medium for thick application.
  • Impasto Medium - Thick paste for textural brushstrokes.
  • Iridescent Medium - Adds a pearly sheen to acrylic paints.
  • Matte Medium - Low-sheen matte finish excellent for reproduction.
  • NEW! Open Medium - Increases open time and allows for rewetting of acrylic paints.
  • Print Paste - Turns acrylics into screen printing inks.
  • Spreader Medium - Self-leveling medium for glazes and washes.
  • Surface Tension Breaker - Mix with water for airbrushing, calligraphy, and watercolor effects.

 Artist Endorsed
"I use Matisse Structure Acrylics for a thick textured, bold impasto look and Matisse Flow Acrylics for the smooth, highly detailed results. They are also excellent for covering large areas….I am completely sold on Matisse Acrylics. I highly encourage every artist, professional or pleasure painter, to experience these paints for themselves."
- Andy Russell, Professional Artist
Read more about why Professional Artist Andy Russel loves Matisse Acrylics.

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Matisse Acrylic Mediums
Matisse Medium 9 - spacerAcrylic Painting Medium250 ml73123$21.95$12.99IN STOCK
spacerAcrylic Painting Medium1 Litre73124$65.25$38.99IN STOCK
Matisse Medium 12 - spacerClear Sealer250 ml73130$21.95$12.99IN STOCK
spacerClear Sealer1 Litre73131$65.25$38.99IN STOCK
Matisse Medium 23 - spacerCracking Medium250 ml73148$23.25$13.99IN STOCK
spacerCracking Medium1 Litre73147$75.25$44.49IN STOCK
Matisse Medium 1 - spacerDrying Retarder250 ml73107$21.95$12.99IN STOCK
spacerDrying Retarder1 Litre73108$65.25$38.99IN STOCK
spacerDrying Retarder4 Litre73199$158.66$87.26$70.65IN STOCK
Clearance Item.
Matisse Medium 13 - spacerFabric Fixative250 ml73132$23.25$13.99IN STOCK
spacerFabric Fixative1 Litre73133$75.25$44.49IN STOCK
spacerFabric Fixative4 Litre73210$173.54$95.45IN STOCK
Matisse Medium 4 - spacerGel Medium250 ml73113$23.25$13.99IN STOCK
spacerGel Medium1 Litre73114$75.25$44.49IN STOCK
spacerGel Medium4 Litre73202$173.54$95.45$76.99IN STOCK
Clearance Item.
Matisse Medium 2 - spacerImpasto Medium250 ml73109$21.95$12.99IN STOCK
spacerImpasto Medium1 Litre73110$65.25$38.99IN STOCK
spacerImpasto Medium4 Litre73200$158.66$87.26$70.65IN STOCK
Clearance Item.
Matisse Medium 24 - spacerIridescent Medium250 ml73149$27.50$16.29IN STOCK
spacerIridescent Medium1 Litre73150$102.25$60.99IN STOCK
Matisse Medium 5 - spacerMatt Medium250 ml73115$21.95$12.99IN STOCK
spacerMatt Medium1 Litre73116$65.25$38.99IN STOCK
spacerMatt Medium4 Litre73203$158.66$87.26$70.65IN STOCK
Clearance Item.
Matisse - spacerOpen Medium250 mlV03025$23.25$13.99IN STOCK
Matisse Medium 22 - spacerPrint Paste1 Litre73145$59.25$35.49IN STOCK
spacerPrint Paste4 Litre73146$127.26$69.99$59.22IN STOCK
Clearance Item.
Matisse Medium 8 - spacerSpreader Medium250 ml73121$21.95$12.99IN STOCK
spacerSpreader Medium1 Litre73122$65.25$38.99IN STOCK
Matisse Medium 3 - spacerSurface Tension Breaker250 ml73111$21.95$12.99IN STOCK
spacerSurface Tension Breaker1 Litre73112$65.25$38.99IN STOCK
spacerSurface Tension Breaker4 Litre73201$158.66$87.26$70.65IN STOCK
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