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Jerry's World's Greatest - White Acrylic Artist Gesso Primer

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Jerry\'s World\'s Greatest Gesso - 1 Quart
Jerry's World's Greatest Gesso - 1 Quart
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Jerry\'s World\'s Greatest Gesso - 1 Quart
1 Quart
Jerry\'s World\'s Greatest Gesso - 1 Gallon
1 Gallon
Coat your chosen canvas with steady, even strokes.
Jerry\'s Gesso has a smooth, even-toothed finish.
It\'s a bright white acrylic gesso primer.
The ideal choice for any artist from student to professional.
1 Quart
Perfect for a uniform painting surface.
1 Gallon
Perfect for Artwork in acrylics, oils & alkyds.
1 Gallon
1 Quart
1 Quart
Perfect for beginner & professional artists
1 Gallon
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Ultra-smooth, ultra-white gesso primer for fine art in acrylics and oils!

To produce a true masterpiece, begin at the base — with Jerry's World's Greatest Gesso! This acrylic gesso primer paint is highly pigmented, bright white, with a thick, creamy consistency and smooth, even tooth for ideal paint adhesion.

How to use gesso: Coat your chosen canvas, panel or board with steady, even strokes, allow to dry, and sand to the desired finish. For the best coverage, apply a few coats in this manner, altering the brushstroke direction each time, and you'll achieve the perfect surface for any artwork in acrylics, oils and alkyds!
Jerry's World's Greatest Gesso is the ideal choice for any artist from student to professional: for the finest art from the ground up, buy the best selling, Jerry's World's Greatest Gesso Paint!

Key Features:

  • Bright white acrylic gesso primer
  • Thick, creamy consistency
  • Smooth, even-toothed finish
  • Sold in quart or gallon pails
Perfect For:

  • A uniform painting surface
  • Artwork in acrylics, oils & alkyds
  • Beginner & professional artists
  • The basis of a masterpiece!

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World's Greatest Gesso
World's Greatest Acrylic Gesso Primer - WhitespacerWorld's Greatest Acrylic Gesso Primer1 QuartWhite63086$24.65$11.85IN STOCK
Prop 65.
spacerWorld's Greatest Acrylic Gesso PrimerCarton of 12 Quart PailsWhite63086A$295.80$114.99IN STOCK
World's Greatest Acrylic Gesso Primer - WhitespacerWorld's Greatest Acrylic Gesso Primer1 Gallon PailWhite63087$47.75$34.99OUT OF STOCK
(till 10/03/2015)
Prop 65.
spacerWorld's Greatest Acrylic Gesso PrimerCarton of 4 one Gallon PailsWhite63087A$191.00$109.25OUT OF STOCK
(till 10/29/2015)
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