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Genuine stretched canvas at a canvas panel price!

Practica Economy Stretched Canvas is the ideal middle point between students' canvas panels and professional artists' stretched canvas! Intended as a low-cost alternative to panels, Practica Stretched Canvas was designed to give newer artists the experience and brush response of painting on a stretched canvas surface when testing new media and sketching out ideas. Made from true cotton duck canvas with acid free acrylic primer, Practica canvases are stretched around a slim-profile stretcher frame and stapled onto to the back for clean, paintable edges. These Practica canvases feature a 5/8" depth. Sold in boxes of ten packs of two canvases (for 20 canvases total), Practica canvas is available for as little as less than two dollars per canvas. As such, these economical canvases are the perfect choice for students and for quick studies, and since Practica is a true stretched canvas, any completed art can be finished and hung as is or framed for a professional presentation.

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