Why Did We Create Union Square Pads?

Thoughts Regarding Our New Top Selling Paper Pads

So why did we create Union Square Pads?

  1. Our customers are artists. Most paper brands have anything from really poor quality paper to adequate. It makes it difficult for our customers to know which pad in a line will give them the best results.
  2. Our customers are looking for the best. The work and art they put into a pad needs to look great for a very long time after it was created. So we at Jerry’s had to be very picky when it came to what we used to create the pads. For example, we gave this paper a medium weight of 80lb, is perfectly sized for framing finished works and accepts all drawing media, including light washes. It also is double wire bound with resilient, heavy gauge wire that is rust proof. 1.75 point acid-free backing boards provide a rigid support, a heavyweight acid-free cover sheet that is 250 grams and takes all media so you can customize or personalize your pads if you feel like it.
  3. We know that our customers need paper that holds up over time. Our paper performs flawlessly. We don’t take low cost sheets that are white and present them as artist grade when they are not actually artist grade. We have elevated the standards and once you use these pads you will see your work improve.

Our Superstars

Union Square Layout Bond Pads have a velvety smooth surface, excellent sizing for a sheet with real snap that will render wonderful results with all drawing materials even take a light wash or Turner Acryl Gouache extremely well. Most drawing pads are 70lbs but ours is 80lbs and the sheet is made with a special process with a tight formation for maximum strength.

Mixed Media Pads not only are heavy in weight but have sheets that are well sized that have a heft that take almost any type of wet or dry media. This paper will not let you down throughout the creative process. This paper features a 98lb weight which is heavy that will survive through any combinations of techniques or media you like. You’ll love these pads.

Heavyweight Drawing Paper (120 lbs) feature a unique open binding that allow the sheets to lie perfectly flat so that you can paint across two sheets at once. Each sheet has a beautiful surface that is receptive to all media allowing use with a technical pen, Conte crayon, Turner Acryl Gouache and light watercolor washes, markers, drawing pens, charcoal, acrylic inks and more.

Vellum Tracing Pads feature a tracing sheet that is rigid and perfectly translucent. After all, you want to see through a tracing sheet. You will be amazed at how well you can see through this sheet. Due to the sheet’s rigidity, you can also use it to cut stencils as well. At 62 lbs, it is the ideal weight for any use. It will change the way you think about tracing paper. (see below)

Union Square Watercolor Paper and Blocks feature 140 lb color stable, acid-free, pure white sheets made on slow rotating mould machines. You won’t be able to tell that it is made of alpha cellulose and not cotton. Each sheet is very strong and the surfaces are quite wonderful to work on. Blocks have 4 glued sides to minimize buckling and an EZ-lift corner so you can easily remove these sheets after painting. For studio or plein air work, nothing beats these pads to work on. We guarantee it!

We created these pads so your art will be better, safer and presentable for a lifetime!

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