Beginner Graphite Pencil Drawing – Jerry’s Live #91


Jerry’s LIVE Episode #91 – Beginner Graphite Pencil Drawing

Featuring Top Brands: Cezanne, Soho, Kum, Maries’s and More

Possessing decent drawing skills seems like a logical, no-brainer foundation for all artists. However, with work, family, or a busy lifestyle, a lot of artists don’t practice drawing enough to be truly proficient. The allure of color is sometimes too great with limited work time, but then glaringly shows in the final product when something looks… “off”. Sound familiar? Did you know that sometimes drawing what you don’t see is as important as what you DO see? Sound cryptic? It’s not… Tune in to this episode to learn some unique beginner drawing skills from Amy, and start applying them to your work! She will feature tips and tricks that will jump start beginner artist’s skill levels, that even intermediate artists can utilize to help in their own artistic pursuits…. See Video




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