Beginners Guide How To Colored Pencils & Supplies

Jerry’s LIVE Episode #93 – Beginning How To Colored Pencil Skills With Basic Supplies

Featuring: Cezanne 72ct, Colored Pencils Set

The Colored Pencil medium has always maintained popularity with illustrators, designers, and students, alike. However, it has risen as a fine art medium to a huge number of devotees, demanding lightfastness improvements of manufacturers and vast color ranges. But, what’s the difference in techniques for illustrative and fine art use, compared to simple use as an enjoyable coloring medium? Watch the LIVE art instruction in colored pencil skills, using a set of 72 EVERY beginner can afford!

Supplies List For : Jerry’s Live – Beginning How To Colored Pencil Skills With Basic Supplies

Cezanne 72ct, Colored Pencils Set


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