Beginners Guide How To Colored Pencils & Supplies

Beginner: How To Colored Pencil Skills With Basic Supplies

Featuring: Cezanne 72ct, Colored Pencils Set

The Colored Pencil medium has always maintained popularity with illustrators, designers, and students, alike. However, it has risen as a fine art medium to a huge number of devotees, demanding lightfastness improvements of manufacturers and vast color ranges.

But, what’s the difference in techniques for illustrative and fine art use, compared to simple use as an enjoyable coloring medium? Watch the LIVE art instruction in colored pencil skills, using a set of 72 EVERY beginner can afford!

When it comes to using colored pencils effectively, it’s crucial to select the right shades for your artwork’s subject and mood. Starting with light pressure creates gradual build-up allowing for smoother and bolder color results over time.

Various strokes including:

  • Circular marks
  • hatching lines or cross-hatched patterns can give rise to diverse textures that suit each piece differently
  • experiment and discover what works best for you!
  • Further blend your colors as you mix them through multiple layers or use a blending stump with colorless blender pencil creating seamless transitions in hues across the paper.

Jerry’s LIVE Episode #93 – VIDEO

Supplies List For : Jerry’s Live – Beginning How To Colored Pencil Skills With Basic Supplies

Creation becomes even more meaningful when workers experiment further techniques such as burnishing adding heavy pressure resulting in an extremely smooth finish that shimmers! Solvents earning mineral spirit tags make beautiful artist-painted effects too.

Try working from lightest color values towards darker hues, this technique frequently assists in producing sharper detail overall.

Select your colored pencils: Choose a set of high-quality colored pencils with a wide range of colors.
Choose your drawing surface

It takes identical amounts of aptitude alongside practice & application towards perfect blending & detailing whilst setting new standards-of-excellence generating stunning coloring-pencil art paintings.

Featured In Video: Cezanne 72ct, Colored Pencils Set

Cezanne Colored Pencil Tin Set of 72
Cezanne Colored Pencil Tin Set of 72

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