Top 20 Celebrity Painters

In researching for our previous post on celebrity art investors, we came across an amazing array of celebrities who not only collect art, but create it as well! We couldn’t resist dedicating a post to some of these multi-faceted artists. Amongst celebrities, painting seems to be the preferred form of visual art, whether in oils,…..

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Jerrys Blog Squad -- 09/05/2016

Happy Belated Birthday Gustave Courbet

Happy Belated 138th Birthday Courbet! Self Portrait with Black Dog, 1842 Yes we know we are a bit late on this one, Gustave Courbet’s birthday is actually June 10th. But let’s blame the author of this blog for celebrating his own birthday. Getting back to Courbet, he was born on June 10th, 1819 in Omans,…..

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Jerrys Blog Squad -- 11/06/2015

Picasso Painting Breaks Record at Auction

Picasso’s Painting Is The Most Expensive Painting Ever Sold Pablo Picasso DATE: May 14, 2015 – This past Monday, Picasso’s “Women of Algiers (Version O)” sold at auction in New York for $179,365,000. The painting is considered to be one of the Pablo Picasso’s most important works. “Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O)”, translated to “Women…..

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Jerrys Blog Squad -- 14/05/2015

Blind Painter Able to Paint Again

After Going Blind, Artist Uses Texture to Complete Beautiful Paintings   In 2001, as a result of Epilepsy, artist John Bramblitt went blind. Now, while it is easy to see how blindness could ruin the career of a visual artist, going blind was actually the catalyst to begin his career as a visual artist. His…..

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Jerrys Blog Squad -- 28/03/2015

4 Irish Painters You Need to Know

Feeling green? So were these guys! In honor of St. Patty’s Day, we thought that it was only right to take a little time out of our busy schedule to learn about some famous Irish Painters from history. Here’s exactly what we found out: Charles Jervas Charles Jervas was born in Clonlisk, Ireland around 1675,…..

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Jerrys Blog Squad -- 17/03/2015

Modern Art or CIA Weapon?

Was Art Weaponized During the Cold War? It has been rumored for years, but recently its been proven that the CIA used artists such as Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and William de Kooning’s art were exploited as propaganda for the U.S. during the Cold War with Russia. Symbol of American Expression or CIA weapon? Although…..

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Jerrys Blog Squad -- 21/02/2015

A Loving Tribute to Gerald Goldstein

Memories of the Founder of Jerry’s Artarama It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Jerry who took the simple idea of being a friend to his customers to a whole new level of caring and concern. Jerry Goldstein was born a depression baby, just 17 days after the stock market crash…..

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Jerrys Blog Squad -- 13/02/2015

Adding Art Into Other School Subjects Makes Learning More Fun

Art is Important as a School Subject, but Can It be a Teaching Tool too?   Although many schools cut arts first in their search to slash budgets because of the expense of art supplies (the answer is that they aren’t shopping at Jerry’s where all the deals are), recent studies have shown that exposure…..

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Jerrys Blog Squad -- 24/01/2015

The 2015 Pantone Color of the Year Winner

It’s Marsala! Every year, Pantone, the creator of the Color Matching System that standardized color reproduction, picks their color that will represent the new year. This year, Pantone has chosen the earthy red hue of Marsala to represent the new year in color. Pantone travels the world to observe color trends every year in search of…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 13/12/2014

Can Blind People See Art with their Tongue?

Will the blind soon be able to taste the Mona Lisa? With the advent of some revolutionary new technology, blind people are now able to process images sent directly to the brain-from their tongues! Although we have very little understanding of how our brains work, it would seem that our brains are adept at fixing…..

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Jerrys Blog Squad -- 09/12/2014