Basic Watercolor Skills -Watercolor How-To, Lesson #1 Video

Basic Watercolor Skills -Jerry’s LIVE Episode #77

Jerry’s LIVE Episode 77: Always wanted to give watercolor a try, but wanted to learn more about it and maybe see a few techniques before wading in? Have the basic supplies but just never really gave it a go? Join us for this episode, to learn a little “how to”, while we cover some basic techniques, skills, and more that can help get anyone started!

Supplies seen and used in LIVE Episode Watercolor How-To, Lesson #1: Basic Watercolor Skills

Full Supply List Seen Here: Basic Watercolor Skills Supply List

Featured Watercolor Paint Brand

Turner Concentrated Artists’ Professional Watercolor Sets

Item # V19240 – Turner Concentrated Artists’ Watercolors- Professional Set Set Of 18 5 Ml Tubes – Assorted Colors


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