Water Mixable Oil Paints-An Introduction to Solvent-Free Oil Painting – Jerry’s Live #92


Jerry’s LIVE Episode #92 – Water Mixable Oils: An Introduction to Solvent-Free Oil Painting

Featuring: LUKAS Berlin Water Mixable Oils!

So you’ve always wanted to try oil painting, but you have asthma, a compromised immune system, or other health issues that have kept you from it? The water mixable oils revolution can change all that! Water mixable oils have been specially modified to be thinned with mere water, and clean up only requires soap and water- making solvents obsolete with these special paints. Join us for Amy’s 411 on how to properly use and begin building a painting with these modified oils, to ensure they perform like and adhere in layers like traditional oil paints. This episode features the popular LUKAS Berlin Water Mixable Oils!




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LUKAS berlin Water Mixable Oil Paintswater-mixable-oils-lukas-berlin


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