Oil Paints Explained for Traditional Oil Painting

Learn more about traditional oil painting and what different oil paint on the market can offer the oil painter from the beginner to the seasoned professional.

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Oil painting came to favor with artists during the 14th century, where it quickly replaced egg tempera as the primary painting medium. Originally oil painters were limited to the studio, due to the artist creating their own paints from raw pigments ground into drying oils. The invention of the collapsible metal tube in 1841 brought oil painters portability of easy travel.

What goes into modern oil paints? What drying oils are best for what type of artist? Do all linseed oil based paints yellow?

Learn more about traditional oil painting and what are the best oil paints on the market for the oil painter– from budding beginner to seasoned professional.

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Color swatches of traditional oils
Charvin Oil Paints

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