Why choose a convertible style easel and what are the benefits

There are many styles of easels for art and artists to choose from. There are many options from h-frame to a-frame, single mast to double mast, French style to pochade boxes but what about a convertible or multi-angle easel?

In this article we will explain the unique attributes of these types of easels and the benefits.
This article features a popular convertible/multi angle easel: Monterey Convertible Studio H-Frame Easel and staff review.

First lets get to know… What is a convertible easel?

A convertible easel will typically have many ranges of angles from horizontal to vertical
Image of a convertible style easel: many ranges of angles using the Monterey Convertible Studio H-Frame Easel

A convertible/multi-angle easel will typically have many ranges of angles from horizontal to vertical, to forward tilting and some will lay flat for those watercolor painters. Hence the name: multi-angle or convertible. ( as seen in photo above)

A multi angle or convertible easel is a special kind of easel that usually offers features and various functions or setups that let the artist or user modify angles of the canvas or drawing boards according to their needs.

These easels offer artists a range of styles and sizes to cater to preferences, artistic styles and types of artwork and function for many types of preferred media.

They include features or mechanisms that allow artists to switch (convert) from one type of easel to another by positioning or converting for desired use.

Lets explore some of the common features and benefits

Convertible easels are valued by artists for their versatility and ability to adapt to different artistic requirements.
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They are great for a wide range of artwork styles and even the environment (like a studio, classroom, apartment, space saving needs etc..) with some unique benefits such as:

Adjustable Height: Convertible easels often have adjustable legs or supports, allowing artists to set the easel at different heights depending on their preferences or the size of their artwork.

Multi-Angle Functionality: Similar to a multi-angle easel, a convertible easel may allow for the adjustment of the canvas or drawing board to different angles, enabling artists to work from various perspectives

Versatility: These easels can often be configured into different types, such as a tabletop easel, a studio easel, or a display easel, providing flexibility for different artwork styles such as: painting, drawing, pastels, watercolors and even large scale works if you tandem and put two side by side.

Portability: Some convertible easels are designed to be portable, with collapsible or foldable components that make them easy to transport and store plus some will have wheels and lock casters to roll easily and lock in place.

Now the Staff Review : featuring one our most popular convertible easel, The Monterey!

Monterey Multi-Angle Convertible Studio H-Frame Easel
Multi-Angle Functionality H-Frame Easel

The “Staff Review” was provided by Caroline King on the Monterey Multi-Angle Studio Easel.

The Monterey Easel is a convertible easel with a huge range of angles from horizontal to vertical to forward tilting! She like many artists spend time researching and trying out different easels and found this easel to be most to her liking for the many great features and versatility it offers.

“I absolutely love the Monterey Easel! Before I bought my easel, it took too much time to set up a proper painting area in my studio. With the Monterey, I can have instant access to my work, leaving more time to paint and less time spent setting up. The main reason I bought the Monterey is because it easily adjusts to many different angles, even for someone short like myself.
I can use it horizontally to prime or varnish canvas, vertically for drip techniques, or any angle in between. This easel is very sturdy and I know it will last a lifetime.”

Caroline King, Artist & Graphic Designer

If you do not already own the Monterey Easel go ahead and give it a try and let us know your comments and experiences with it, as well as any other product we carry.

From versatility to space saving…

Overall, the versatility, space-saving design, and adaptability of convertible easels make them a practical choice for artists of all levels, providing flexibility and convenience in their creative process.

From versatility to space saving, to multi-angle functionality, to portability and adaptability, enjoy many artistic creations and ways to complete your artwork in any media!

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