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In my efforts to obtain an agent or a licensing contract, it is essential to have a web site and portfolio that correctly demonstrates my work. Since my day job is in the computer industry, I am fairly good with computer things. And since I am totally OC I tend to always want to do things MY way. Add to this the fact that I am not a high budget operation. Consequently, when I decided to have a website I did not even consider hiring a professional web design firm.

Just in case you are not familiar with having a web page, here are the pieces of the puzzle:

1. You need a domain name. This is the thing people type in to get to your page. Most people purchase their domain name from

2. You need a web hosting provider – this is someone who provides a server where your internet pages live. I have a wonderful provider based in Nashville, run by a real human being (also one of my facebook friends) John Covington. I pay a little more than some places but there are definite benefits.

3. You need a web site – the pages that people look at. They are created, just like any other computer document, one at a time in software designed for creating web pages. Actually, some word processing programs allow you to save as a web page. I use Adobe Dreamweaver CS3®. You can hire someone to create your web site. This is expensive and can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars and you also have to pay whenever you make changes to your web site. You can purchase a “template” and just fill in the blanks and many people are very satisfied with the results doing it this way. If you, like me, are OC, low budget and like doing things YOUR OWN WAY, just bite the bullet and buy the software. WARNING: This is the hardest software I have ever learned how to run, right up there even with CAD software.

Since I had an existing website, you might think I could just refer agents and manufacturers to it. Wrong! My web site has all sorts of stuff that is not at all relevant to the art I want to license. So I am also in the process of creating a licensing website: if you want to see it. Right now it is not complete. Just one more thing I am working on in my spare time.

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