LUKAS Pastos Builds Up Thick & Dries Quick

The Thicker, Heavier Impasto: Dries Fast, Work Quickly!

Jerry’s Artarama is always on the lookout for new and different products and real game changers in the world of art. LUKAS CRYL Pastos Acrylics is one of the real, rare gems available for artists to create their art in new and profound ways.

Heavy Body Acrylic that dries reliably in 15 minutes!

Compared to most typical acrylic paints, LUKAS Pastos Acrylics are a thicker, heavier bodied acrylic that dries quickly in just 15 minutes! Can YOUR acrylic do that?

The Strength

LUKAS, one of Europe’s oldest paint makers, dating back to the 1800s, has created the only acrylic capable of building up incredibly thick multi-layered paintings. No other acrylic can do what this German engineered paint can. This heavy body acrylic paint is much thicker than other brands at 70% solids for thick, heavy brush strokes to give textured and vivid results. Its heavy body has excellent permanency and a high viscosity. On canvas, the paint is strong and thick enough to hold and retain crisp brush strokes and palette knives marks. Many artists have noted that it’s easy to spread and blend, even without mixing it with water. 

One painter described using LUKAS Pastos’ texture, saying,There’s nothing like taking out your canvas and getting ready to paint a nice textured scene with luscious, creamy, rich colors. I like to build up the paint on the canvas and put textures in random parts of my paintings. This paint never fails to create great!

The Endurance

LUKAS Pastos acrylics can really hold its weight. For lightfastness ratings, the Pastos colors have superb lightfast ratings which means that long exposure to lights barely effect them. Pastos can also dry reliably in just 15 minutes, while some acrylics take up to 2 days to dry. Pastos beats all other heavy body acrylics’ drying times, dries to a satin finish and remains completely flexible and has been known to NEVER crack, shrink or swell. 

On top of everything else, the Pastos acrylics are also water and medium mixable. Although they have the ability to be easily applied without water, when mixed with water, Pastos doesn’t leave blank, clear or unfinished spots like some other acrylics. Pastos continues to spread completely and evenly, covering all areas, and won’t run. 

The Intensity

The pigment load of this Impasto is impressive. The colors are bright and opaques are well covered. The high pigment load was made to be especially high to differentiate itself as a professional acrylic and not for students. These are unadulterated and unmodified pigments in the highest concentrations possible! The Cadmium and Cobalt colors are even made from real cadmium and cobalt.

If you enjoy painting thick and impasto styled paintings, this is the paint for you. From its brilliant colors and pigments to its thick, heavy texture, LUKAS Pastos performs like no other Impasto and dries quicker than other Impastos wish they could.

German engineered, LUKAS Pastos is the strongest, thickest, heavy body acrylic on the market and hopefully soon, on your palette, brush and canvas. 

Have you tried LUKAS Pastos Acylics yet? Tell us what you think of them in the comments below. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Try them out with a 30-day money back guarantee only at Jerry’s Artarama!

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