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Making a House Feel Like a Home with Real Art

MEET NEW ORLEANS ARTIST: CASEY LANGTEAU JOHNSON Artist Casey Langteau Johnson has been painting her entire life. She earned her degree in Painting and Drawing from Louisiana State University. Her primary inspiration comes from the natural beauty of her home, New Orleans, Louisiana. However, Casey constantly searches for new ideas abroad, trying to spend as…..

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Jerry's -- 31/01/2020

Unbox & Swatch Daniel Smith Mixing Set of 15 Watercolors

Unbox & Swatch We are proud to carry the exceptional line of Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints. These paints are a go-to for many professional watercolorists. With Daniel Smith Watercolor Sets, pigments are key and each color offers unrivaled quality and versatility. Experience the quality of Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Paints! With Daniel Smith Watercolors,…..

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Michael Marchetta -- 16/01/2020

Artist Rachel Christopoulos Reviews Soho Acrylics

Artist Spotlight: Rachel Christopoulos Rachel Christopoulos describes herself as an old soul, coffee addict, and a dreamer (though she’s not the only one). As a Wisconsin native living on the outskirts of Milwaukee, Rachel’s art is constantly being inspired by the energy of the big city. Though she paints a variety of subjects, her artwork…..

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Jerry's -- 15/07/2019

Artist 0073.UV Artist Spotlight | Turner Watercolors Review

Artist 0073.UV is a watercolorist and illustrator creating on-trend portraiture in a vivid contemporary pop art palette. Inspired by manga and vaporwave style, 0073.UV regularly posts her work on Instagram and engages daily with her large follower base to educate them about watercolor painting. She creates reproduction prints, holographic prints and stickers of her originals…..

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Jerry's -- 04/06/2019

Palette Knife Painting: Unique Techniques & Tips

Incorporating palette knives into your artwork can help infuse it with a unique brand of expressiveness. Before anything else however you must choose one whose shape and size cater suitably towards achieving specific effects desired by you. Would you like to imbibe your painting with a sculptural quality, but not quite sure how? Are you…..

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Jerry's -- 21/03/2019

Step By Step Video To Create An Oil Pastel Painting

Jerry’s LIVE Episode #95Create An Oil Pastel Painting, Step-By-Step How To Featuring: Mungyo Gallery Oil Pastels Did you love that feeling of crayons in your hand as a kid? That freedom and feel of smooth application of color in your hand, where tight detail isn’t a thought seems just a lovely memory, right? Well what…..

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Jerry's -- 13/03/2019

Basic Watercolor Skills Demo-Creating a Small Landscape

Jerry’s LIVE Episode #94 – Basic Watercolor Skills Demo- Creating a Small Landscape Using Watercolor Supplies Featuring: Turner Professional Watercolors Basic Watercolor Skills Demo – Take just the basic supplies needed to paint in watercolor: paint, paper, brushes, and a palette… and watch this basic watercolor LIVE demo of a small landscape! This event will…..

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Jerry's -- 07/03/2019

Beginners Guide How To Colored Pencils & Supplies

Beginner: How To Colored Pencil Skills With Basic Supplies Featuring: Cezanne 72ct, Colored Pencils Set The Colored Pencil medium has always maintained popularity with illustrators, designers, and students, alike. However, it has risen as a fine art medium to a huge number of devotees, demanding lightfastness improvements of manufacturers and vast color ranges. But, what’s…..

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Jerry's -- 27/02/2019

Solvent-Free Oil Painting w/ Water Mixable Oil Paints: Video & Article

Water Mixable Oils: An Introduction to Solvent-Free Oil Painting – Jerry’s LIVE Episode #92 Featuring: LUKAS Berlin Water Mixable Oils! So you’ve always wanted to try oil painting, but you have asthma, a compromised immune system, or other health issues that have kept you from it? The water mixable oils revolution can change all that!…..

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Jerry's -- 20/02/2019

Beginning in Graphite Pencil Drawing

Graphite pencil drawing is a wonderful way to start your artistic journey and when beginning, it can be challenging to know where to start! Possessing decent drawing skills seems like a logical, no-brainer foundation for all artists. However, with work, family, or a busy lifestyle, a lot of artists don’t practice drawing enough to be…..

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Jerry's -- 15/02/2019

Art Decor Wood Frames In White, Grey and More Colors.

Decorate your walls with your art! Elegant and Stylish art frames for your art from the Country Chic Frame Style made exclusively by Jerry’s here in the USA. The Perfect Choice for finishing your framed art prints, watercolors and photographs, we recommend pairing with our Ambiance Conservation Pre-cut Mat collection. Made in the USA •…..

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Jerry's -- 08/02/2019

Learn Mixed Media Painting Step-By-Step

Jerry’s LIVE Episode #90 – Mixed Media Painting Step-By-Step: Watch and Paint Along from Start to Finish Featuring Top Brands: Turner, GOLDEN, Liquitex, Da Vinci Panels and More Mixed Media works are fun and freeing to create – you can use most any supplies together, provided you know what works with what or how it…..

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Jerry's -- 08/02/2019

Acrylics Painting 101 for Beginners with Basic Supplies

What: Acrylic Painting 101 Video, Beginner Acrylic painting is a versatile and popular medium for artists of all skill levels. Acrylics 101 for Beginners with Basic Supplies When artists want to try new art supplies or a new medium, it can be hard to determine what you REALLY need (at bare minimum) to give it…..

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Jerry's -- 31/01/2019

Color Theory 101 – Basic Mixing & Tips For Artists

Color Theory– what exactly is it? Is it color mixing? Quite simply, it IS that, but also so, so much more… Did you know even a fair amount of professional artists have never had a formal color theory (or maybe even a Color and Composition) class? Color theory is the study of how colors interact…..

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Jerry's -- 24/01/2019

How to Prepare Canvas, Paper or Panel – Substrate Preparation

Jerry’s Live Episode #87 How To Prepare Canvas, Paper, Panel, Etc. For Your Medium Of Choice! Some artists buy low quality canvases or panels and never add additional primer when it screams for it. Then, there are those who buy exceptional quality, pre-primed substrates– only to add additional, low quality primer right over an existing,…..

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Jerry's -- 17/01/2019