Exploring Geometric Acrylic Abstraction Art by Artist Joe DiGiulio

Jerry’s LIVE Episode #75: Exploring Geometric Abstraction With Acrylics – Special Guest Artist Joe DiGiulio Details: What goes in to painting an abstract work? We have all heard someone say at a museum, while pointing at an abstract work “What the HECK??? My kid could do THAT.”

Yet, as artists, we simply know that isn’t the case. So what are the thought processes, and where do you get started? Join us with our special guest, professional abstract artist and instructor Joe DiGiulio, as he guides us on a simultaneous introduction and exploration of geometric abstraction, using acrylics, canvas, and pigmented markers on paper.

Supplies seen and used in LIVE Episode

Full Supply List Seen Here:https://www.jerrysartarama.com/teacherwishlist/view/index/id/f7173c8189f2af7beb1926996157a301/

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