LED Lighting That Changes They Way You See Art

Method Lights- LED Lighting That Changes They Way You See Art

The Challenge for Artists… See Video Below

There’s long been a void in art studio lighting, and the art lighting industry as a whole. For artists, the optimal scenario is usually natural light, but that can be problematic on cloudy days or when it’s dark outside.

Artists will often find themselves working on a piece, and as the light changes, as do the colors. When the lighting isn’t optimal, it becomes difficult to mix colors correctly, and it can also simply make painting a less pleasant experience when the light isn’t what you want or need it to be.

Regarding studio lighting, a simple incandescent bulb can have an adverse effect on colors and tones, but in the past, finding a studio lighting solution could also be incredibly expensive.

Lighting Art For Display

Lighting for Artwork to see true colors

It’s not just in the studio where lighting options or lack thereof can be problematic. People tend to struggle when it comes to lighting their art in their homes or a display situation.

Many of the options available either require costly hard wiring and installation, they’re bulky and hang directly on the piece of art, or they require unsightly cords, bringing the focus to the light fixture itself, rather than the art.

The challenge for people as they light their art for display purposes is again, much like the studio issue, how to effectively light art in a way that’s aesthetically appealing, but also budget-friendly.


The Solution: Method Lights

Creating by a long-time art gallery owner, Method Lights is a line of studio and picture lights that specifically speak to the challenges above, and bring an exclusive set of features and capabilities not seen with other art lights.

The current collection features the ML200 and the MLDirect, both of which address problems commonly faced when it comes to lighting art, whether from the perspective of the artist or the art lover.

Probably what’s most appealing to both artists and art collectors is the ability to control the color temperature of the light from 2700K to 7000K, effortlessly highlighting the warm and cool tones with the touch of a button on a compact remote control.


Other features that set the ML200 apart as compared to other studio and art light options include the adjustable beam size of 20” to 60” (at 6-feet from the artwork), dimmer and automatic shut-off, designed to conserve battery life effortlessly.

Within a few minutes this innovative light can be installed directly on the ceiling with all included hardware, or anywhere that’s optimal for your requirements.

ML-Direct: The Details

method-lights-mldirect-art-lightingAlso available from Method Lights is the ML-Direct, which is a programmable direct installation bulb that can either be used in existing recessed can light or any standard light fixture. It screws in just as any traditional bulb would, but with its custom LED technology it features a brightness level equal to a 75W bulb.

The ML-Direct, like the ML200, features a simple, sophisticated design that allows the art to take center stage while illuminating in a way that maximizes the impact of any piece.

With a light output of up to 1700 lumens and an adjustable beam diameter of 20” to 60” at six feet from the art and a lamp life of 50,000 hours, the ML-Direct is rich with features and functionality not seen with other lighting options.

Simply screw it into an existing fixture and operate it using the convenient, compact remote control to take advantage of the features that will change the way you see your art.

Applications and Use

What’s great about the advanced design of both the ML200 and ML-Direct is their versatility. They’re currently in use across a broad range of applications.

They’re used in galleries across the country, as well as in artists’ studios and private homes. Both lights excel in their flexibility of use, as well as their leading edge technology that sets them apart from other products in the studio and art lighting markets. They’re not exclusively for paintings either. They’ve been creatively used for everything from sculptures and art glass to stained glass displays.

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