How to Varnish Your Oil Paintings

Varnishing Oil Paintings

Let’s talk Varnishing! Jerry’s LIVE crew are going to go over everything you need to know when it comes to varnishing your artwork, specifically oil paintings. What are the best practices.. apply the first varnish, dust free area, which brush is best to use.

Varnishing Oil Paintings ; Dust and grime can accumulate on the surface of paintings over time, especially if a painting hangs in a smoky environment.

The varnish will protect the painting from dust, UV rays and yellowing plus varnish protects the painting from dirt and dust and evens out the painting’s final appearance, making it all equally glossy or matt. 

Varnishing an oil painting is much different than varnishing other media.

For the finest mediums view our Oil Painting Mediums and Varnishes supplies.

Jerry’s Live – Episode JL203 – In this video we will show you how to and why to varnish your oil paintings!

See varnishing supplies list below

Oil Painting Varnishing Steps

STEP: What type of finish do you prefer for your art? Glossy, Matte, or somewhere in between with a Semi-Gloss?

Oil Varnishing, Matte or Glossy?
Oil Varnishing, Matte or Glossy?

STEP: Covered in the Video.. How to Apply Oil Varnish To Your Oil Painting. The correct method to apply and the best outcome

How to Apply Varnish To Your Oil Paintings
How to Apply Varnish To Your Oil Paintings

Oil Painting Varnishing Supplies
you can purchase the full kit to get started!

Varnishing Supply Kit/From Video
Berlin Mottler Varnish Brush Sets
Berlin Mottler Varnish Brush Sets
Gamblin Gamvar Gloss Varnish
Gamblin Gamvar Gloss Varnish

Full Oil Varnishing Supply List:

Must Have Picture Varnish!

Varnish Developed for artists that is archival quality gloss picture varnish and nearly odorless that artists prefer to use that is crystal-clear varnish does not yellow with age!

Great Brushes For Varnishing!

Stop trying to get the varnish out! Use a disposable brush instead.. Use a Disposable Varnish Brush

Creative Mark Disposable Varnish Brush Set
Creative Mark Disposable Varnish Brush Set: Value pack of six 2″ wide brushes


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