25 Reasons Why Being an Artist Is the Best

Why Being An Artist is the Best

So many GREAT reasons why being an artist is the best!  

When learning how to be an artist, did you ever think you could be hard-wired to like it? Well, scientists recently found out that your brain might be wired to enjoy art. However, that comes as no surprise to those of us already on the inside of the artist community. We know there are so many more rewards  that come from art and being an artist. We’ve experienced firsthand know the true value and benefits of creating something we love and being able to express ourselves. In fact, here we’ll share some of the many reasons why being an artist is the best!  

Here are 25 Reasons Why Being an Artist Is the Best

25. You’re always able to express your creativity – As an artist, you are meant to share your creativity with the world. There are many ways to express yourself using artwork.

24. You doing work that you actually believe in – Being an artist means the work you do is personal and reflective of things that matter to you.

23. Being your own boss, you will not have to answer to anyone else about what you create – Artists get to enjoy a great deal of freedom. You are your own manager, and you alone determine what you will create.

22. You can to put a pencil or brush on paper anytime you want – When art is what you do, you are always free to create at any time.

21. it feeds your creativity. – While creating art requires creativity, the act of creation feeds itself. As you explore techniques and different approaches as an artist, you continue to throw kindle on the fire of creativity.

20. You benefit from seeing that what you’ve done has made someone happy. – Knowing that you were responsible for making someone else happy is one of the most fulfilling feelings we can experience. Your art can truly make someone’s day and quite possibly more than that even

19. Your art gives other people a new perspective. – By sharing how you see the world, you provide a new perspective for other people to consider. Your work can expand the minds of others

18. You can live the life that you want to live. – Life as an artist allows you to live a life that is truly authentic to who you are.

17.  Being an artist lets you create art for yourself and no one else. – Although many people may enjoy your artwork, there is never a need to create art for others. Instead, create art for yourself and watch as other people take notice and respond to it.

16. You determine when it is time for something beautiful and surprising to come to life/ – Inspiration may strike you at any time and any place. Your unique view of the world lets you decide when to create.

15. You get to see how you progress as an artist/ – The artist you were when you first learned how to be an artist will almost certainly not result in the same artwork as you’ll create years later. The process of creating art is a learning process that continues for your entire career and life. Witnessing your own growth as an artist is one of the most rewarding parts of being an artist.

14. An artist’s world is a world where everything is an idea or possibility for new art. – As an artist, you are never at a loss for inspiration. Everything you see, think, and experience has the potential to inspire your next artistic creation.

13. You will be able to learn and grow endlessly. – Art and the act of creation allow you to continuously learn and grow. You may learn new techniques or practice to improve, but you will evolve as an artist no matter what.

12. When you learn how to be an artist, you have the potential to be famous for something you make. – There is always a chance that your artwork will take you far. Some artists develop a substantial audience and become famous for their work.

11. You get to play around all day in your studio. – Work for you is a day of play and experimentation.

10. People will tell you how much they like your work – Be prepared to accept compliments! When people see a work of art they like, they are not shy in sharing how they feel with the artist.

9. Artists experience the flow of creativity. – Creativity holds an energy all its own. By being an artist, you get to feel the invigorating energy of creativity.

8. You get the chance to expand your imagination. – To be an artist, you need a healthy imagination. As you create, you will constantly be expanding your imagination and growing it in new directions.

7. You have the ability to move people intellectually or emotionally through something you’ve made. – It is a powerful feeling to witness your artwork making others feel or think something.

6. You are able to make money from something you’ve made. – By being able to place a monetary value on your creations, you see the worth of what you’ve made in a dollar amount.

5. The pride and sense of accomplishment after you’ve finished a great painting, sketch, sculpture, or installation feels magnificent. – Creating art is an act of perseverance, and once you have reached the point where you’re satisfied with the finished piece, there is no better feeling!

4. Being an artist allows you to share your art with the world. – You can make a difference in the world by sharing your art and your perspective. Art can inspire change, make people feel certain ways, and it can also beautify our world.

3. You’re able to work with beauty anytime you want. – While others may not have the ability to be surrounded by beauty, artists can work with beauty at any moment.

2. It means seeing your art touch someone’s soul. – Watching someone respond to your artwork in a profound way is one of the best feelings as an artist

1. You get to be surrounded by a community of other artists who share in the experience of all the great things listed above. – Whether someone is just learning how to become an artist or the artist has been creating for years, an artist community is filled with artists of all ranges and styles. What they all have in common is a passion for the act of creating something new that adds value to our world.

So, if you’ve ever said, “I want to be an artist,” now you have 25 excellent reasons to support your dream.

What is your favorite reason for being an artist? Let us know in the comments below!

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