Art Changes Everything “Create Art, Change Everything”

You Accepted Our Challenge And We Proved Art Can Change Everything!

“Create Art, Change Everything” by Amy Gardner Dean (pictured middle)

Jerry’s Artarama started out to prove that artists are passionate about what they create and that art should be a part of everyone’s life. Here at our corporate offices, we bet our boss that you would agree that “Art Changes Everything” and could get get artists from all 50 states to like our picture(above) to prove it.

In just the first week, we got over 4,200 likes and over 350 shares in all 50 states! We knew that we would get some amazing support from all of our friends on Facebook and Twitter, and you all came through. Now, lets get that number of likes up to 10,000 and help prove that creating art can change everything.

All of here truly believe that everyone can and should create art. We believe that art can and does change the world for the better.

The painting above was painted by our talented resident Artist- Amy Gardner Dean. Most of the art you’ll see in our ads and on our product pages was created by her. Here are a few examples of her work here:

See more of her work all throughout

Great Job Amy and Great Job to all of our fans who shared and liked the fact that we will change the world with art!

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