Winsor & Newton: The World’s Finest Artists’ Materials

175 years of fine art supplies

Chances are, if you’re an artist, you’re familiar with Winsor & Newton , and for good reason! This world-famous company produces some of the finest and most popular art supplies available in the industry: from paints and mediums to canvas, brushes, paper, and everything in between!

Winsor & Newton was founded in England in 1832, a collaboration between artistic-minded Henry Newton and scientific William Winsor, who combined their individual expertise to craft some of the finest colors in the form of oil paints and watercolors. Among the first companies to make use of and develop the metal paint tube, Winsor & Newton soon rose to the top in terms of popularity, and it was with their help (and portable paint tubes!) that allowed artists to get out of the studio and into the field. They even crafted fine art materials for Queen Victoria!

Over the next 175 years, Winsor & Newton has remained in the forefront of art materials, honing and developing both artists’ and student grade colors, paintbrushes, canvases, watercolor paper, and more — all of which are among the most recognizable in the world today! High quality is the Winsor & Newton catchphrase, and you know when using their materials that you are backed by almost two centuries of tradition and innovation.

Here at Jerry’s Artarama, we are thrilled to carry so many Winsor & Newton brands (and thrilled to used them, as well!), and to offer them to you at fantastic savings! Here are just a few examples of Winsor & Newton’s extensive portfolio, try them out today!

Winton Oil Paints

Winton Oil Paints

  • High quality student grade oil colors
  • Heavy pigment load
  • Smooth and creamy consistency
  • 49 color range, many single-pigment
  • Available in 37ml and 200ml tubes
  • The ideal beginner’s oil paint!
winsor newton artisan watermixable oil paints

Artisan Water Mixable Oils

  • No hazardous solvents necessary!
  • Clean up easily with soap and water
  • Mix with water or Artisan mediums
  • 40 brilliant colors in 37ml or 200ml tubes
  • Short, buttery consistency
  • Create a safer painting environment!

Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Paints

Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Paints

Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Paints

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Paints

…and this is just a sampling of the many paints and art supplies that Winsor & Newton offers! Check out the video below for an explanation of why Winsor & Newton craft so many of their colors with single pigments, the ideal choice for color brilliance and clear mixes:

We’re sure you’re familiar with all of Winsor & Newton’s fantastic art materials, but if you’re itching to try out a new medium, now is the time! Stock up soon, and see why Winsor & Newto Brands supplies are the World’s Finest Artists’ Materials!

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