Painting & Pouring Video with Turner Acryl Gouache

Painting & Pouring with Turner Acryl Gouache – See Video Below

Video and LIVE Summary

Painting And Pouring With Turner Acryl Gouache The Super Concentrated Vibrant Acryl Gouache – Relax, play, and enjoy the process of producing a pouring painting with Turner Acryl Gouache and Liquitex Pouring Medium, on a DaVinci Pro Liquid Art Panel. No drawing or prior art skills required!!!

You will be amazed by the concentration of Turner Acryl Gouache, and enjoy experimenting with mixtures and various application techniques. A great remedy for still being productive when artists block hits!

To See or Buy The Painting & Pouring Supplies Used In LIVE Video Event

All Supplies Presented in Live Event

Supplies Used in Live Video Event

  • V15874  Turner Acryl Gouache Permanent Yellow Green 40ml
  • V15885  Turner Acryl Gouache Red Violet 40ml
  • V15897  Turner Acryl Gouache Violet 40ml
  • V15899  Turner Acryl Gouache White 40ml
  • 73506  Turner Acryl Gouache Gold Light 20ml
  • 73566  Turner Acryl Gouache Lame’ Clear Diamond 20ml
  • 73584  Turner Acryl Gouache Luminescent Rose 20ml
  • 73627  Turner Acryl Gouache Pearlescent Lemon 20ml
  • 73637  Turner Acryl Gouache Pearlescent Violet 20ml
  • 88722 DaVinci Pro Liquid Art Panel ¾” deep, 16×16”
  • 73786 Liquitex Pouring Medium 32oz
  • 86881 Creative Mark Flo Expressions Bottles – 3 Pack + Funnel 100ml

Other necessary supplies
plastic cups
plastic knives to stir

Painting and Pouring Kit
Paint Pouring Supply Kit
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