Palette Knife Painting: Unique Techniques & Tips

Unique Techniques with Palette Knives

Incorporating palette knives into your artwork can help infuse it with a unique brand of expressiveness. Before anything else however you must choose one whose shape and size cater suitably towards achieving specific effects desired by you.

Would you like to imbibe your painting with a sculptural quality, but not quite sure how? Are you a texture junkie, but have grown tired of everything always being brushstrokes? Join us for this episode to grab some fresh ideas with a knife painting demo where there are no rules, and no restrictions!

Jerry’s LIVE Episode #96 – Painting & Palette Knives: Unique Techniques

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Palette Knives Painting
Palette Knives Painting
Palette Knife Painting Shapes
Palette Knife Painting Shapes

Variety really is in fact going to spice up this endeavor altogether so endeavor applying various angles/directions/pressures as was earlier suggested – thereby experimenting until things flesh out into textured abstract paintings carrying bold strokes/features/impasto effects , direct color blending onto canvases inclusive.

For Amazing Effects We recommend: FX Special Effects Palette Knives by Creative Mark

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Palette Knife Painting textures
Palette Knife Painting textures

One advantage presented by using such tool elsewhere invalidates any doubts radiating from lackluster/suffering artistic abilities – as its inclusion invites spontaneity and freedom into one’s painting process.

This versatile instrument is also the go-to for various approaches, including adding highlights and details, in order to produce art possessing its own unique style liberated by an unleashed sense of creativity.

Palette Knife Painting Examples
Palette Knife Painting Examples

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