How To Make an Artist Website with WordPress

5 Easy Start/Set Up Steps for Artist Website Instructional Guide

As an artist is very important to set up your very own website to market your self , have your works online, your bio and contact information so you can use to market yourself. In this presentation below we will show you 5 basic easy steps to setting up and creating your very own artist website using the following:

Godaddy hosting (NOTE: prices in document may be different at this time), activating wordpress, adding a look and feel and how to create and edit the site. In this article we present the very basics and helpful links to get started! Also see video below to Live Episode

Step 1: Using Godaddy – WordPress Domain and Hosting – you can choose Economy to start

Add wordpress hosting (choose free domain name in step 2)

Wordpress For Artist Website

Step 2 – Choosing your Domain ** You Will get a free domain with a year purchase through our link

Step 3  – See images below When your order account is set up and your order is complete you can now begin

  • What options to choose
  • Setting up your wordpress account
  • Select your domain


Step4: Once installation is complete you can now access your newly installed wordpress website and or use this link to access your admin panel with the above details you entered for the login (username and password)

Once you login you will now be at the “Dashboard” to make the pages and edits

Your website Dashboard will look like this


Step 5– appearance Click on appearance-. Themes and now begin to choose the template styles you like


Step 5 (b) – Once you have template picked out you can now begin to customize it to your look and feel you can • Add your details • Colors • Add posts • Add Pages • Add Galleries and Images • Add Menu Items Note once you are logged into the admin panel, you can go your live site and from any page edit it


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