July Artist of the Month – HM Craig


My name is HMCraig, and I currently live in the Boston area. My life has taken me to many places, on many adventures in the US and in Europe.

My work focuses on light and color. My subjects are often flowers and glass. Flowers provide me with limitless opportunities to play with form and color. Glass lets me explore reflection and refraction of light.  The large format of my paintings and the closely cropped compositions enable me to have the viewer thrust into something I find small and beautiful. I hope the viewer sees the same beauty as I did.

Additionally, my paintings serve as therapy. I sustained a mild Traumatic Brain Injury in 2009. I was training for a Half-Ironman Triathlon. After the injury, I couldn’t run or ride (which I loved doing). So, I focused on painting which has been a good thing. My injury has changed my art in different ways. My colors are more saturated.  My brushwork is looser. I am less inhibited with my subjects.

 I get inspired every day by beautiful things, whether they are large or small. It’s good to see something you find beautiful or fascinating every day, it keeps us grounded and in wonder.





  With Grace Turquoise Smokey Butterfly

  Peace in My Home – Golden Apples and Parrot        Ready to Begin

  Opportunities                                                          Clementines and Blue

 Lillies and Light


  With Grace



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