Create An Oil Pastel Painting, Step-By-Step LIVE How To Jerry’s Live #95


Jerry’s LIVE Episode #95 – Create An Oil Pastel Painting, Step-By-Step How To

Featuring: Mungyo Oil Pastels

Did you love that feeling of crayons in your hand as a kid? That freedom and feel of smooth application of color in your hand, where tight detail isn’t a thought seems just a lovely memory, right? Well what if you could harness that same feeling, but add archivability and tight detail if you wanted it, with the ability to unleash it in a fine art application? This episode focuses on the Oil Pastel. It’s not just for third graders, anymore– the quality and color has come a long way, with a mature upgrade. Join us in this episode where we create and complete a step-by-step oil pastel in stages, featuring Mungyo Oil Pastels, and bring out your inner kid!




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Mungyo Gallery Oil Pastels

Mungyo Gallery Oil Pastels Wood Box Set of 72Assorted Colors
Mungyo Gallery Oil Pastels Wood Box Set of 72 Assorted Colors

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