Four-year-old art prodigy Aelita Andre

Budding young artist takes the art world by storm!

4 year old artist Aelita AndreHailed as the "Pint-Size Picasso," four year old prodigy painter Aelita Andre began her forays into the world of art at the amazing age of 9 months old, had her first exhibition when she was 2, has produced over 200 paintings and now has a solo exhibition at Agora Gallery in New York City. Earning as much as $25,000 per painting sold, young Aelita seems poised to be the next star of the art world!Aelita Andre, Eagle Nebula

Aelita’s parents, Nikka Kalishnikova and Michael Andre, are both artists themselves, and are happy to support and encourage their child’s talents. Art critics the world over have touted her style as abstract expressionism, accidentalism, or surrealism. Aelita uses acrylic paints on canvas with abandon, and accents her pieces with found objects such as twigs, toys, and even paintbrushes themselves, creating three-dimensional effects and interesting textures.

Aelita’s current exhibition at the Agora Gallery is open until this Saturday, June 25th, if you are in the area and would like to see her art for yourself.

What do you think about young Aelita’s artistic masterpieces? Does she show a true understanding and control over her paintings? Do you believe that any child, given the proper resources and encouragement, could create works just as impressive?

Aelita Andre, Butterfly Nebula

Art, in any form, has been proven to be a powerful imaginative stimulant, and can help children learn to express themselves as well as providing beneficial, therapeutic effects. If you’re interested in encouraging your own child’s creativity, Jerry’s offers a wide selection of kids’ art supplies that are non-toxic, safe, and fun to use! Your children may or may not be the art world’s next painting prodigies — but chances are they will be happier, more open, and more expressive once they have experienced the freedom of art!


Art Project: How To Mount Canvas Onto Ampersand Boards

Learn how to mount canvas, paper, and other flexible supports onto Ampersand boards!

Do you love the texture of canvas or paper, but prefer the stability of painting on board?  You can get the best of both worlds by following along with Ampersand's Andrea Pramuk as she outlines an easy and archival method of mounting flexible supports onto Hardbord, Gessobord, or Claybord

Mount your favorite linen for oil painting, 100% rag paper for watercolors, or shake it up a bit and try out decorative papers and fabrics for fun mixed media effects.  The possibilities are endless, and you can find everything you need to complete this project right at Jerry's Artarama!

Project Supplies:

  • Ampersand Hardbord, Gessobord, or Claybord
  • Primed or unprimed cotton or linen canvas
  • Watercolor , printmaking or decorative paper (optional)
  • 2" wide Creative Mark primer brush
  • Golden Soft Gel Gloss Medium or Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive
  • Golden GAC 100 to seal Hardbord (if necessary)
  • X-Acto knife
  • Speedball rubber brayer or plastic squeegee
  • Damp cloth for clean up
  • Heavy weights or water jugs for pressing

Click here to view and print the below image from a PDF

Product demo courtesy of www.ampersandart.com

Also, don't forget there's a special promotion going on for Ampersand Aquabord from June 16th to August 21st!  If you just can't wait to paint, or don't feel like mounting paper, Aquabord is the ideal surface for watercolors, gouache, inks, light acrylic washes, and more.  The toothy, absorbent clay surface is highly receptive and best of all, requires no framing when finished!

So stock up on boards and have fun painting this summer! Feel free to post your own Ampersand board tips and techniques in the comments below. 


TalentCall - A new and easy way to enter your art!





Jerry's Artarama has been working in a cooperative effort with a new company called TalentCall.  TalentCall.com is a platform that makes it easy for arts and entertainment-focused groups and individuals to issue and judge calls for artists and casting calls - and for artists and entertainers to instantly respond to those calls.

Artists can use the Talent Portfolio Manager to easily upload, manage, and annotate audio, video, image, or text representations of their talent for online storage.  From the web or mobile device, members will be able to use those stored Talent Assets to instantly respond to TalentCalls at a moment's notice.

So what does this mean for you?. This is the best and easiest way to enter our online contests!  Visit the Jerry's Artarama Talent Call Opportunities page to see our current contests running....



Quick Update...We have just recently launched the new contest platform and already we have over 300 subscribers actively participating in one of our contests.

We look forward to furthering our commitment of "Empowering Artists" so please join us and...Create your FREE Artist Profile online today!




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