Jerry’s New Year’s Resolution Number One: Learn New Techniques

This Year I Vow to Learn More

As we start off this new year, we thought we would share some of our own New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 to help Artists learn and grow this year

For our first new year’s resolution we wanted to share, we thought we would tell you all about some of the new art skills and techniques you can learn right here on Not only can you find quality educational content right here on this blog, loaded with helpful techniques in the areas of painting, drawing, art journaling and more, but we also have over 2000 Free Art Lessons.

Our Free Art Lessons are short videos based on your area of interest that will teach you certain techniques and skills! Here are just a few topics you can learn from these helpful lessons:

  • Color graduation
  • Creating an underlayer
  • How to use soft pastels to finish a pastel painting
  • How to draw the head
  • Deconstructing your painting
  • and many more!

Look through our easy to use menu of Free Video Art Lessons to find the video you’re looking for. Want to learn how to properly draw a person’s head? We have a video for that. We have over 2000 videos to choose from, but you wont feel overwhelmed because our menu will take you to whatever you’re looking for. We have videos for every skill level– beginner to expert!

Each video is quick and easy to follow. And theres so much to learn!

It’s our new year’s resolution to learn as much about art as we can so that we can all become better artists. If you’re looking to become a better artist too, our Free Art Lessons are a great resource on how to do so. Happy New Year!

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