Expand Your Art Supplies, Jerry’s New Year’s Resolution Number Three:

New and Innovative Art Supplies from Jerry’s can Increase Your Artistic Abilities!

This year, one of our favorite resolutions is to expand our collections of art supplies and broaden our artistic capabilities with new products designed to enrich and enhance our art.

Right now, Jerry’s Artarama has many new and exciting art supplies made to help you reach your full potential as an artist. We have new items that will broaden your drawing and painting horizons in exciting new ways. Whether you’re looking for something to make field work and plein air painting easier or you want to get started easily in a new type of medium, Jerry’s has everything you need to get started.

Be sure to all our New Art Supplies for new items we carry that can help make you a better artist. You’ll find items like:

      • The Acurit Drawing & Tracing Art LED Light Tablet– Trace and Transfer Artwork with over 300,000 hours of LED illumination. If you want to hone your drawing skills, tracing is a great way to do that, and what better way to
        trace over an image or photograph than with bright and strong LED lights clearly outlining your work. The Acurit Light Tablet provides a lit, scratch resistance surface that is perfect for tracing and never gets hot.

Acurit LED Light Tablets for Artists

    • Chelsea Classical Studios Lavender Brush Cleaner– Looking or a new way to clean your paint brushes without the toxic smells and harsh chemicals used in turpentine and mineral spirits? Lavender Brush Cleaner is made with all-natural ingredients including lavender that gives it the ability to clean brushes as well as any other cleaner, but without the harmful odors created by those other cleaning materials. Instead, Lavender Brush Cleaner produces a nice lavender aroma.

CCS All Natural Artist Brush Cleaner

    • Winsor & Newton ProMarker Watercolor Markers– Expand what you thought you could do with both watercolor paints or markers by combining the two together. Now, enjoy the brilliant flow of watercolors with the creation of finer details and controlled lines of markers in this innovative hybrid.

Winsor & Newton Promarker Watercolour Markers

  • and many more…

Jerry’s is dedicated to bringing artists many new art supplies this year, just like these to better let you express yourself in ways you haven’t even imagined. So be sure to keep up with our New Art Products Page and find what you need to make 2015 your most artistic year yet!



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