March 2011 Artist of the Month - Sabrina Michaels

Sabrina Michaels strives to convey her thoughts and deepest emotions through her paintings. She frequently paints from her own wildlife photographs, but also paints from life and imagination. Although her work is most commonly nature themed, it is inspired by mythology, fantasy, science fiction, music, politics, spirituality and love. Sabrina’s paintings sometimes reflect her affection for album art and the psychedelic Fillmore poster art of the 1960’s. She is fascinated with the art of ancient civilizations and the great masters, but is most heavily influenced by surreal, fantasy and art nouveau styles.




      Dizzy River


  Eternal Dance    Eternal Lotus


  Gentle Giants      La Mojarra


   Sonoma Daydream       Surrender









  Tamalpais Trails

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Paul Alexander

I enjoy your work very much.


h.i i just wanted to say that i accidentally rated two stars. I actually didn't intend to rate at all but thought clicking on the stars would show what others have rated and commented. Sorry. Can you remove my accidental rating?

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