Whats the Buzz-Fundamentals All-Media Painting Set

All Professionals Started with the Fundamentals!

In today's edition of What's the Buzz, we're going back to the fundamentals with the Fundamentals All-Media Painting Set. We at Jerry's are always on the lookout for great art products at amazing values and we have found a real gem right here that is versatile enough for any beginning artist. This set has everything for an artist to get started on their way to becoming a pro! This painting set has everything, an easel, oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolor paints, pastels, brushes and other accessories making up a 93 piece painting set. It's a one stop shop to get started in any medium!

Let our friend Shelly tell you more!


For young or beginner artists, this set is perfect for those who want to express their creativity, just haven't picked out the medium thats right for them yet. And the price helps out. Art can be expensive, so to find a set INCLUDING AN EASEL thats priced as low as this one at $60.00 is near impossible. Found anywhere else, this set would go for around $130.00. Instead, you pay under half for such an amazing value. And the best part about it is, there is no buyers remorse. If you don't enjoy one medium, switch to another without going back to the store!

Items included in the Fundamentals All-Media Set:

  • Easel
  • 12 Oil Paints
  • 12 Acrylic Paints
  • 12 Watercolor Paints
  • 12 Watercolor Pencils
  • 12 Oil Pastels
  • 12 Soft Pastels
  • 12 Different Style Brushes
  • 3 Palette Knives
  • Palettes, Erasers, Canvas Boards, Sketch pads and more!


In fact, artists love to create a buzz about two main features of this set, and that's the PRICE and VERSATILITY of the set (although they also like the easel). You can get it as a gift for anybody and they can find which medium they want to explore or choose what fits them best. From children to adults, the Fundamentals All-Media Painting Set fits everyone, from people who want something light, airy and quick like watercolors or watercolor pencils to something more serious such as a study or portrait in oil or acrylic paints.

Now, dont let us just tell you about this deal. Here's what actual artists have to say about the Fundamentals All-Media Painting Set found exclusively at Jerry's Artarama:

"Bought this for my wife. We were both VERY pleased when it arrived. Everything arrived in great condition. The tubes of paint were larger than expected, brush sets for each kind of paint, nice selection of everything. Good value for someone looking to experiment with different media."-Untalented husband

"We bought this product for our elementary school daughter. She loves it and has already painted, drawn and colored many pictures. It's nice to have all mediums in one convenient set with the easel too"-Kangakatie, CO

"This set is well worth the small price. The various mediums let new artists try them out before deciding which medium they want to paint in."-Cioci Fran, MA

"I bought this just for the easel. The extra supplies are very basic but I use them to experiment and don't feel they are wasted. I like the storage for traveling or just moving to another room in the house. Good value for me! I like it a lot!"-Lonz, NV

"I bought one set for my daughter and one for myself and we are both loving a chance to try out some different mediums without investing a lot of money! Nicely done!"-TieDyedCorset, TX

The buzz is real on this one folks and with the Holiday season upon us, it would make a great gift for a loved one. Or if you've been struggling to decide on which medium you'd like to try, treat yourself and get one for yourself. And starting Monday, you can get one at the lowest price ever offered at $47.99 during our Holiday Sale lasting through December 31st. Remember that's 93 pieces for $47.99. That price cant be beat. And remember to let us know how you feel about the Fundamentals set or if you've tried it, we love to hear back from you! See you next week with more BUZZ!


Karalyn and Company-Breaking Into Comics with Jamal Igle Part 1


For every free gig I do, I usually get two paid gigs just by knowing how to market myself -Jamal Igle

Jamal Igle is a professional comic book artist, editor, art director and animation storyboard artist. His work can be seen in comics such as Supergirl, Firestorm, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Zatanna, Iron Man and his newest series, Molly Danger.


Zatanna Pinup by Jamal Igle

"One thing I believe I should say is that making a living as an artist is about as likely as getting hit by lightning, then again there is always going to be a market for your art. You know, I see a lot of people out there just to break into the comics business that are making no money doing it, yet they don't always want to take a chance on working for the possibility of money. Some have been burned,(I think we all have been there) some feel that shouldn't have to do "the leg work", some feel that they are already a credible and sought after resource and someone should just come up and dump a big pile of money in their lap. 

The truth is, the greater your talent, the greater your tendency to lean on it. It becomes a crutch and an excuse as to why you're not succeeding rather than being a tool to help you do so.

Jamal at the NY Comic Con 2010

If you've been hemming and hawing about whether or not to do something for free or for backend pay, ask yourself a simple question..."Will I be better off, worse off, or the same, from doing this a year from now?"

If the answer is better off, or the same, or even "I don't really know", chances are you should probably give some serious thought to doing it. Maybe it doesn't work the same for everyone but for every free gig I do, I usually get two paid gigs just by knowing how to market myself. So why not do free gigs all the time? Well simple, if I got two paid gigs let me get those done, and if I get two more...and so on.

Right now I have enough commission work to last me until about Christmas time I think, which isn't that much. But I'd like to get done sooner in order to get more work. 

That being said, I hope that you do make a connection of some sort here and you do work on something even if you make little or no money off it. I guarantee the end product WILL contribute to your growth as an artist in one way or another. Unless of course you take the easy route and your end product is nothing. Breaking into comics means more than just drawing some things you like or think are cool and hoping someone will buy them. 

Nightwing 132 Cover

An average writer working for the big two (DC Comics and Marvel Comics)... and I'm saying AVERAGE writer...makes about 2 grand a book. The average writer has one book, and maybe at times gets a second title if lucky. Break that down to 500 bucks a week...before taxes. So lets go as far as saying they have two books a month...and remember, 90% of writers make no royalties...this person makes about 48 grand a year...before taxes. Not working for the big 2 and it's MUCH less. We also pay our own medical coverage, because the companies don't. After taxes, medical and so on, this person makes around 32 grand a year writing 2 books for the majors. Does this make sense or just plain scare most of you?

Writers, the writing part is easy. It's the struggle that will define your career. Keep on truckin."

-Jamal Igle


Take your seats for the Reel Art Academy


Class is in Session

The Reel Art Academy is a specialty program from Jerry's Artarama designed to make your experience as an artist as fun and easy as possible. They are perfect for anyone trying to start art for the first time or try a different medium for the first time.

The program begins by you selecting an artist to learn from. Each artist specializes in teaching different mediums and artistic styles. For example, you can learn acrylics from famous painter Allen Montague, sketching from Dan Nelson, or learn watercolors from Tom Jones.

Each artist has their own "starter set". These specifically designed Starter Sets come with everything you will need to complete all of the artist's DVDs and Free Art Lessons in their program. So after you have selected a Starter Set, you can choose from any of the DVDs available from the artist and follow along with their project from start to finish using the same tools and supplies they use on screen.


Learn to create the same details in your art with the same tools the artists are using!

Be sure to watch the Starter Set video from the artist you are selecting before you start, where they will go over all the materials in their starter set, and also show you how they set up for painting along with them for every Reel Art Academy video they have made.

Artists' Starter Sets were designed to be as economically priced as possible. The more videos you tackle, the better value the Starter Set will be. So keep on painting!

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