The Emerging Artist Label by M Theresa Brown

Far away from the fantasy art auctions of Christie's and Sotheby's is the real world of art  sales where there are many thousands of artists who create and sell their art.  In this world, the artist is usually working directly with the buyer and for sums far less than the multimillion dollar art in the big name auctions.  A sale is just as important to them as it is for the art auctioneer.  Without the big names and the money behind them, these artists must work hard to achieve sales and many are struggling.
Yet the very people who mean to help these artists are also sabotaging their efforts. Somewhere in the shadowed world of anonymous "experts" in the art communities are people who must have nothing better to do that  sit around and dream up new ways to guarantee that artists continue to fail in their art marketing!

One useful way they do this, apparently, is to  sort through their vast store of adjectives and descriptive words that cannot be used for any other career, and apply them to an artist's career. In doing so,  they unwittingly (because we cannot believe this is being done on purpose) perpetuate the cycle of failure that faces so many artists who are trying to sell their art.

One of the most insanely used descriptions has to be the "EMERGING ARTIST."  Who came up with this concept? The "Emerging Artist" tag  ranks right up there with "starving artist."  Using this phrase in the context of how the public sees it virtually dooms the first step in an artist's career. The phrase is everywhere. Emerging artist show, emerging artist grants, emerging artist site...... is it on your website or blog?

Look at this word in another context. Would you go to an emerging dentist?  How about hiring an emerging lawyer or doctor?  Beyond that how many emerging musicians or dancers have you encountered? Hmmm. We thought so. :-)

If this phrase is anywhere in your vocabulary or written information, take it out! If you are creating your art, you have already "emerged."  And if we want to get technical, the actual meaning of the word "emerge"  from

verb (used without object), e·merged, e·merg·ing.

1. to come forth into view or notice, as from concealment or obscurity: a ghost emerging from the grave; a ship emerging from the fog.

2. to rise or come forth from or as if from water or other liquid.

3. to come up or arise, as a question or difficulty.

4. to come into existence; develop.

5. to rise, as from an inferior or unfortunate state or condition.

Do any of these sound like a good description to tack onto "artist"?

Did you know that your average consumer, the one who is  interested in your art, is not interested in your art education nor your awards?  Did you know that 
"emerging" is synonymous with "starting?"  How many artists, practicing for years, find this label added to their names at the advice of an art organization or friends? One artist lit up after one of our seminars when I told her that she had already "emerged" and that the validation she was told she needed by her artist friends was for artists, not her collectors!

How you view yourself, your abilities and your art career are keys to how well you will prosper in your art marketing and how well you present yourself to your clients. Shed that "emerging artist" label! You are an artist. Enjoy it!


Gloves In A Bottle on NBC Today Show!

Do you have Gloves in a Bottle?  Artists have been using it to protect their hands from paints and toxic mediums.  A guest on NBC's Today Show came by to talk about protecting your skin in the harsh winter weather.  What was one of the products she suggested?  Gloves in a Bottle!  The formula is great to protect your skin from the elements as well as your paints.  Put some on before your regular moisturizer and your hands should stay protected and moisturized.



Finding Inspiration in Shanghai by Heather Goldstein

I was recently lucky enough to get to visit China and I cannot even begin to express what an extraordinary experience it was. One of the most special things I was able to do was visit the M50 in Shanghai.  The M50 is a new art district with over 120 art galleries and art studios.  It is the center of Shanghai's art scene.  It is also a testiment to China's progress and a miraculous showing of Chinese Contemporary Art.

The whole area is an inspiration.  There's something about the broken down walls and graffiti that just make me feel like painting.  And the artists I met were all very professional and polite.  Sometimes when you stay in the same place for too long and you see the same thing too often, it gets stale.  It was quite an experience to see how artists on the other side of the world are creating art and the differences in the way they paint.

I was supprised to find that most artists painted in oil and practiced western paiting techniques.  It was interesting to

see how our worlds are merging.

Each studio was packed with work and by the time I left, my mind was racing with new ideas.  If only I could have gotten to my studio right then!  I have nearly 1,000 pictures from the trip and I am more than ready to choose my subjects and start painting.  Since the beginning of the year, I have painted 30x40 and 36x48 as opposed to my usual 58x72.  I am now ready to bring out the large stretcher bars again and start attacking new, bold, large canvases!

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