2015 Charvin Winter Painting Contest Winners

Congrats to our Winners!

Our most recent Charvin Painting Contest- the 2015 Charvin Winter Painting Contest was unarguably a resounding success! We have received so many amazing entries from our talented artist friends and customers that picking winners was incredibly difficult. But after a couple of rounds of voting, we've picked through the all of the talented participants to the following amazing entries!


Announcing our Winners:



First Place Winner

by Veronica Winters of State College, PA

"I paint with Charvin Extra Fine Oil Colors mixing them with a  few other professional oil colors. While their transparency is great for glazing, they have a good tinting strength and I use these colors a lot for the underpainting. These colors are wonderful for beginners and intermediate students getting a great value for the money spent on larger tubes."



Second Place Winner

"First Chukker"
by Len Jagoda of Waverly Hall, Ga

"I have been working in pastels for some time; but not very long ago I decided to add oils as a medium. I firmly believe that it is wise to select only the best materials for any project. Why let hard work suffer from inferior paint? So when I made my decision, I decided to test paints from several of the most highly regarded paint manufacturers. Most retail art supply stores only carry paints from two or three companies and some are not 'artist grade'. Jerry's carries all of the best paints and at much more reasonable prices. This made it possible for me to try several paint companies at much more affordable prices than I would pay from local stores, and from one convenience source (saves shipping costs that way as well). My initial paint purchases from Jerry's represented eight different companies, but all paints selected were each companies highest grade. Charvin Professional Extra Fine Oils are now my paint of choice."


Third Place Winner

"Gustavo Pet Portrait"
by Catalina Diaz of Clawson, Michigan

"The creaminess that the poppy seed oil gives to Charvin Extra Fine Oil Colors makes them the best choice for glazing due to its high quality and high grade of pigmentation. That, added to the unique gallery of tones (brights, pales and burned), makes the whole process of painting a joyful experience. As always, Jerry's has the best prices for them. So, some extra bucks in exchange for the experience, worth it. I highly recommend them."

Honorable Mentions

To see our Honorable Mentions, check out our 2015 Charvin Winter Painting Contest page.



Happy Birthday Leonardo da Vinci


Celebrating the master painter Leonardo da Vinci on his 563rd birthday!

Here in the US, we mainly mark April 15th as the dreaded Tax Day — but a brighter way to remember this auspicious day is as the birthday of the lauded Renaissance master painter, Leonardo da Vinci!

Born on April 15th, 1452, Leonardo is perhaps the most recognized artist in the world. Not only was he a staggeringly talented painter, he was also a skilled scientist and genius inventor, greatly increasing the knowledge of the time on subjects such as anatomy, weaponry, geology, mathematics, and so much more. In a very real way, Leonardo da Vinci was the original Renaissance Man!

Leonardo has been an inspiration to millions over the centuries — not only in artistic and scientific ideas, but as an icon of all that we feel a genius artist should stand for: invention, innovation, and a dedication to beauty. (Not to mention inspiring countless copies like this one of the Mona Lisa). But his household name is also used to imply these qualities in products — and here we've picked out a few of our favorites!

Some of our very favorite art supplies are named after our favorite Renaissance man; from oil paints and watercolors to kids' art supplies and studio easels, the name "da Vinci" marks them all!


Da Vinci painting supplies

Da Vinci studio supplies


So on this fresh spring day, think not of taxes and W-2's — think of everyone's favorite master painter, and the art, ideas, and materials he's inspired throughout the years. Then join us in wishing him a very Happy Birthday, Leonardo da Vinci!


Turn to Turner

Did you know you can turn 12 colors to 120?

Every artist has some fun mixing colors, and part of the fun of it is exploring the different hues we can create. However, this can also be quite frustrating when we can't make the exact color we're looking for. If only there was a way to make this conundrum go away...

But now there is! With the aptly named "Turner Smart Set", you can now turn 12 standard acryl gouache colors into 120 and get the same, careful and exact results every time. The set includes a pack of color mixing cards that contains the recipes for 120 different colors that can be mixed and matched with only the 12 colors that arrive in the set. But the set doesn't just come with paints, but all you see here:


The set includes the unique color mixing cards that provide amazing mixing results.


Here's how it works:

It's so easy and will make your art better with quick and easy color mixing for finding the precise colors you're looking for. Check out all of our Turner Acryl Gouache Sets and be sure to check out the rest of our great Turner products!


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