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Soho Urban Artist - Art Materials for Today's Artists

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Soho Oil Colors

Soho Urban Artist Oil Colors

Soho Urban Artist Oil Colors eliminate the need for student oils, providing first time artists and professional artists on a tight budget the use of "real" color with a buttery consistency, excellent pigment load and lightfast results. That way, once they move up to a more expensive brand, they are already familiar with what a true oil color can do. Glazing is no problem with these colors, and palette knife painting is quick and expressive, just as you would expect from far more costly brands. For the next step up, we recommend Lukas Studio Oils.

SoHo Mini-Mite Display Easels

Soho Urban Artist Mini-Mite Display Easels

These great easels may be small, but they sure are mighty! Made of lightly finished beechwood, this easel is great for displaying deep gallery style canvases or gallery style frames. Each easel measures 10-7/8" high × 7-1/2" wide. Available only in boxes of 10.

Soho Acrylic Colors

Soho Urban Artist Acrylics

By combining the finest pigments, superior binding and modern manufacturing techniques, Soho Urban Artist Acrylics give you all the best loved qualities of a professional acrylic color at a bare bones price point. Soho Acrylics provide excellent coverage, peak to maintain brush strokes and are saturated with pigment to provide a wide range of tints from all 49 colors in the range. When dry, the colors form a permanent film that is resistant to water, dirt and atmospheric pollution. They also dry to a lustrous finish on virtually any surface!

SoHo Inkjet Paper

Soho Urban Artist Inkjet Paper

Hearty, acid-free, bright white papers for printing photographs and artwork with all brands of inkjet printers and most original brand dye inks including: Epson, Canson, Hp, Lexmark, Brother ink and compatible substitutes. Available in Glossy and Matte.